Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another Dudemania Dallas?

The NFL schedule was released yesterday and features this nugget: New England at Dallas, October 14, ironically within a week of last year's Houston/Dallas showdown. Could the gods smile upon another trip to the Oklahoma casino, more adventure with the two-ton pig at the state fair, and another 35-6 Cowboys win?


The Franchise said...

Consider me in! Of course, now all future Dudemanias are also DudeSpin editorial conferences!

The Dude said...

Given that it's within a few weeks of Duke - Notre Dame; let's make sure we watch Airborne first before we commit to any more Dudemania.

Remember dudes: Back Duke, or Back Off!

Head Dude said...

Look dude, just because you haven't seen an NFL team play in Houston since somewhere around the second half of the playoff game against the Bills doesn't mean the rest of us can't manage two Dudemanias in two months.