Monday, April 09, 2007

The Bridge Has Finally Collapsed

After a 1-5 start to the season, Dude favorite Phil Garner reacted by demoting Committee favorite Brad Lidge to middle relief, in favor of Dan Wheeler. One must now ask: did Lidge ever truly recover from the Pujols moonshot?

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The Dude said...

"Finally?!?" The bridge collapsed long ago. Lidge was relieved of his closer duties on two different occassions last year, but only to be reinserted into the role due to management's seemingly unshakeable belief that Lidge can rediscover his pre-Pujols dominance... I think this analogy works; Bush Administration : Iraq ; Astros Administration : Brad Lidge.

Hopefully, the Bushies will realize the error of their ways soon and not continue with their posturing and challenging their opponents (not so much democrats anymore, but more or less, Americans) to "support the troops." How about the best way to support the troops is by not continuing to put them in harm's way??? (kind of like the best way to support Brad Lidge is not to put him in a closer's role)