Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clerical Error Means Duke Erases Bitterness of Winless Seasons in 96, 01, 02, 06

I know some of you thought that Airborne went winless four times in the last decade. Not true!! At least, not according to the math practiced by those in College Station, TX below.

Evidently, the Aggies added a win to the season ledger based on the results of the annual Spring football game. Obviously, based on that tactic, Fred Goldsmith, Carl Franks and Ted Roof can erase the bitterness of winless seasons from their collective palates, unless, of course, the Spring game ended in a tie.


ThadisRad said...

I am seriously considering going to our Spring game Saturday and providing loyal DudeSpin readers with my take. This season I hope to become the Rob C. of Airborne.

Hopefully sanity will prevail, and I will stay at home.

The Franchise said...

No, I think you should go to the Spring Game. As a college football junkie, I know plenty about the "good" teams. There just isn't that much analysis of Airborne (for record-related reasons, I'm sure), so I need a guy on the inside!