Monday, April 23, 2007

Denied Again

Nine years ago, the Red Wings and Stars staged an epic (to some) six-game battle in which Chris Osgood overcame the demons of a 60-foot Jamie Langenbrunner overtime winner to lead the Wings past the Stars and on to an eventual Stanley Cup. Since then, both teams have hoisted Lord Stanley, but have somehow avoided a rematch. Tonight, destiny seemed to be in the cards, but a 5-on-3 changed the moment, and even though the Canucks couldn't score then, they eventually got the puck past Marty Turco twice, and when a Modano slap shot hit the cross bar with three minutes left, I knew the battle we've long awaited would have to wait at least another year. Farewell NHL, see you in October!


The Franchise said...

I was actually pretty scared to play the Stars simply because Turco was so hot. Miika kept the Flames in that series singlehandedly, so I know what a hot goalie can do. I feel pretty good about the Wings scoring on Anaheim and San Jose, and Vancouver will have trouble winning without scoring any goals.

On a side note Head Dude, I feel like you were put somewhat out of your misery re: the Stars season. Dallas may have been the most boring "good" team ever this year...

Head Dude said...

I don't have any particular dislike for Vancouver, which is rare after a 7-game series, but I have a difficult time believing they'll get any further. They have a strong goalie, but can't score and their D-men have trouble handling the puck in their own zone. The Stars couldn't capitalize, but Anaheim probably will.

It's an open road at this point for the Wings. Even if the Stars had won last night, Zubov probably would've missed the next series, and we can't generate as much on the power play without him. And you're right about the Stars, they don't pack in a lot of excitement. Their great teams 7-8 years ago didn't score a lot, but they were great to watch on defense because Hatcher and Matvichuk were so dominant defensively, and Ludwig was crazy. Our D-men now aren't as feisty -- Morrow's our only real agitator, and he's a forward.