Thursday, April 12, 2007


I do find it somewhat surprising on the day after the exoneration of the three Duke athletes involved in the biggest Duke sports story ever, no DudeSpin contributor has thought fit to comment on the story. While the dropping of the charges was fully anticipated at this point, yesterday still marked the resolution of a year-long nightmare for the campus in which there were no winners, a chock-full of losers, and one (apparently) vindictive liar - Crystal Gail Mangum.

While it is refreshing to know that, at least this time, the legal system wound its way to the right result, the legacy of the Duke lacrosse case will, of course, be the railroading of justice and the rush to judgment by most observers. Nevertheless, I certainly hope that the exoneration of the Messrs. Evans, Seligmann and Finnerty does not (1) end the conversation concerning the strained relations between classes, genders, and races in and around the Duke campus, or (2) signal to Duke athletes that the culture of anything goes will be back. But, most significantly, I hope the exonerations DO teach all of us a lesson in reserving judgment, regardless of the race, class, or gender of the principal actors involved.

I wonder what Mike Pressler is thinking right now.

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Head Dude said...

Mike Pressler is still thinking that the Duke administration lied when it said he resigned.
He's also thinking that it's beyond belief that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who tarred and feathered the University, are busy protesting a juvenile remark made by Don Imus instead of apologizing for inflaming the situation last April by proclaiming guilty before proven innocent.
Check out this great column:
As a proud progressive Democrat, it's a shame to admit that everything Whitlock says is accurate.