Tuesday, April 03, 2007

G Says No to Beth; Yes to Texas

In the latest of a string of miscues from Broadway, Joe Alleva has lost Gail Goestenkors to Texas.

G, best of luck in Texas; Joanne Boyle, rejoin the Journey!!!


1 of the only 2 good Chronicle sportswriters said...

Vic was disappointed in me for just emailing this to him the other day and not posting it, so here goes...

I would chime in that Texas is a very good job - better than Duke in some ways, worse in others. While UT's tradition is overstated in the sense that most recruits wouldn't remember when it was a power, it's recruited really well in recent years (the class signed in 11/04 was ranked No. 1 in the country). Add in the instant credibility G would bring and her past success recruiting in Texas, and I suspect that from the start she'd be able to recruit as well there as she can at Duke. Plus, there would be fewer academic limitations to deal with.

Living here, I, too, have learned to dislike UT, but there's no doubt the athletic department knows what it's doing, and money is never an issue. With UT being in a bigger market and having many more alumni than Duke, there's a solid, loyal fan base. The atmosphere against, say, Baylor in Austin isn't going to be anywhere near as good as Duke-UNC at Cameron, but UT will draw better crowds than Duke for random non-conference games. It's not Tobacco Road, but traditionally there's a lot of interest in women's basketball in the state, and UT's natural regional rivals are either very good right now (Oklahoma, Baylor, even A&M) or tradition-rich (Texas Tech). If UT can get highly ranked again, its big games will draw lots of national attention.

Head Dude said...

Screw wishing G good luck. I wish her nothing but bad luck at Texas. In fairness, I'm sure wanting a change in her personal life may have had something to do with it, but I'm still genuinely surprised she left before winning a title.

As for Alleva, you can sum him up with the last sentence in his statement today: that he'll find someone to take Duke to even greater heights. The guy has no class and no clue.