Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is There Another Dude Committee Out There?

Not on this planet, surely. But what about other planets? Impossible, you say. Maybe not...

Apparently, scientists have discovered the first planet other than Earth that could have liquid water and support life. The planet dubbed Gliese 581 C is 50 percent larger than Earth and 15 times closer to its star - a year there would last only 13 Earth days - but because it orbits a red dwarf, it's exactly the right distance to have a mean temperature between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. That means water would be liquid, and our definition of life would be possible.

Computers are predicting Gliese 581 C is either rocky like Earth or completely covered with oceans like, um, the Earth in Kevin Costner's Waterworld. So place your bets Committee members! Do the first extraterrestrial Dudes have gills, or are they lawyers like Head Dude and The Dude?

1 comment:

Head Dude said...

Apparently they're a lot fatter, as gravity is 1.5 times greater than Earth. And we all know the Dudes need their dainty figures to finish 72 holes in four hours.