Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mazel Tov Rachel!

DudeSpin would like to send a special congratulatory message to one of its loyal readers - Rachel Cohen. After a few years in the Dallas Metroplex and College Station, Rachel, one of the two "great" sportswriters at the Chronicle during the Adam Ganz era, is moving up to the big time. Ms. Cohen has accepted a position as a writer with the Associated Press in its New York sports bureau. DudeSpin is confident that Ms. Cohen will shatter all standards of excellence once set by Dave Droschak once she arrives in the Big Apple.

Mazel Tov Rachel!! And how about some free Yankees tickets??

[EDIT: Changed "good" to "great"]


The Franchise said...

I'd like to point out that Rachel was said to be one of only two "great" writers, not good. The Dude constantly misquotes that!

I'd like to think a lot more of us were "good," except for Yvonne!

Anonymous said...

speaking of whom...


Head Dude said...


ThadisRad said...

Should we be concerned that she lists the Big Lebowski as one of her favorite movies, or should we just pretend we never knew that?

The Franchise said...

Yikes. Fortunately no updates since November of 2006. DudeSpin will prevail!

1 of the only 2 good Chronicle sportswriters said...

Thanks, Vic.

Nick, I guess I'll have to change my handle. All those years of misinformation must have resulted in me remembering the pinnacle of my journalism career incorrectly.

But at least I now know what my new screen name should be: prettier than ann coulter.

I notice her profile has had 562 views. Wow.