Friday, April 20, 2007

NBA Western Conference Power Rankings

All season long, Head Dude has mocked my version of the Power Rankings... So I thought I'd unveil my rankings heading into the Playoffs for the Western Conference:
1) San Antonio
2) Phoenix
3) Golden State
4) Houston
5) Dallas
6) Utah
7) Denver
8) L.A. Lakers

Obviously, the outlier in my rankings is Golden State; but keep in mind that this is a team with a healthy Baron Davis who essentially improved its roster by adding 3 all-stars in the middle of the season, while giving up no one of any value. It stole Stephen Jackson & Al Harrington from the Pacers, and added a healthy Jason Richardson to its roster. With Baron Davis playing as well as he's ever played, I have the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals against San Antonio before losing in 6 games.


Head Dude said...

At least you never fail to make me laugh.
I have a big weekend ahead at the AAC -- Game 6 against Vancouver tomorrow night and Game 1 against Golden State Sunday. For some reason, the wife isn't as excited about spending her weekend in an arena.

The Franchise said...

Head Dude, are you a believer in Luongo now? Despite the fact that your team extended the series last night, Luongo leads all playoff goalies in GAA and save percentage! If he only had a team that knew how to score goals (the Canucks have scored one(!) power play goal in the series), Vancouver would be unstoppable.

Of course, Marty Turco is probably thinking the same thing...

Head Dude said...

Yeah, it's a bit of a chicken and egg thing. On the one hand, the Stars' offense has been anemic, just as it was against Giguere and Aebischer, and on the other hand, maybe they've just run into another hot goalie. I don't think either Luongo or Turco has made that many amazing, eye-popping saves, but both haven't allowed any weak goals either and have stood their ground.
It's amazing that Turco maybe has been the second best goalie in the playoffs so far, and yet if they had lost last night, he may have been finished in Dallas.
But what say you about the Flames?!

The Franchise said...

I was pretty disappointed in Games 3 and 4, as I felt like we could have (should have?) won one of them. That being said, the Flames were the toughest team in the NHL to beat on the road this year - and we were a lot closer to stealing one there than they were in Detroit. Game 5 is now huge, but as long as the Wings take care of business, I think we've got the series.

A bigger question will be how much will the Wings have left IF we advance and it takes us seven to do it. That scares me...

Head Dude said...

Don't worry, if the Wings need 7, in the second round they'll be facing another team that needed 7 to dispatch of the Canucks.