Monday, April 02, 2007

No Football for The Dude's Pople: NFL Cancels Game in China

Sorry Dude, but I have to give some love to the NFL for putting an end to its dumbest idea in years and calling off the preseason game in China. Now if the league's brass would just reconsider the regular season game in London too, everything would be just peachy.

It's not that I'm against trying to spread the goodness that is the NFL to other lands. Who knows, a shared love of American football may even prevent a big U.S.-China tussle down the road. It's just blatantly unfair to make a couple teams travel all over the world just because the NFL wants to show off its product. It's especially crappy to make the Dolphins give up a home game to play in England, where I'm not certain most of the population gives a crap if Daunte Culpepper is healthy this season.

My take: wait until you have enough infrastructure in place overseas to have all teams play one game abroad each year. That way everyone gets screwed over equally. What would be more democratic, and thus American, than that?


The Dude said...

Also, the Chinese doesn't really care for American football. The common perception is that it's too violent.

ThadisRad said...

That type of attitude is why we're gonna kick your ass in WWIII.

Head Dude said...