Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Unathlete of the Week: Joe Alleva

Since taking over the reins of the Athletics Department in 1998, Joe Alleva has contributed to Duke Athletics in the following manner:
- Fired Fred Goldsmith, one of the most beloved head coaches in Duke history while Fred was on the verge of returning Duke football to the glory days of the late 80s. (In the course of writing this article, I discovered that the Fred Goldsmith we know doesn't have a Wikipedia page while Franks and Roof do... The injustice!!! This will become my personal project this weekend!!)
- Hired his crony Carl Franks over more qualified candidates; Franks promptly went 7-45 in the next 5 years, including 2 0-11 seasons, before mercifully receiving his walking papers in the middle of the 2003 season.
- Subsequently hired Ted Roof, who has compiled a similarly uninspiring 5-34 record since taking over in late 2003, including last year's 0-11 season.
- Hired his crony Bill Hillier to run the baseball program, whose tenure ended unceremoniously after 6 years with a 121-214 record and the program awash in allegations of rampant steroid use.
- Allowed the lacrosse program to spin out of control. Setting aside the dubious sexual assault charges, there is still a lacrosse team party, hosted at a team captain's residence, centering around the hiring of escorts, with undisputed allegations of racially-charged venom from the mouths of party attendees. Is that how one represents the University?
- And now the latest, allowing potentially iconic women's basketball coach Gail Goestenkors leave for the University of Texas. Granted, the reports state that Alleva matched Texas's offer and address G's other concerns about support for the program, but one can't help but think that the cool relationship between the Journey and the Athletics Department in the past played a part in G's decisionmaking.
For this litany of mistakes over barely a decade as the AD, Joe Alleva is this week's Unathlete of the Week.
(Note: To address the other contributors' concerns, I've made edits to the candidacy post)


Head Dude said...

Perhaps you forgot what was most egregious -- within weeks of the lacrosse scandal, how did Alleva respond? By getting drink on a boat with his son and earning the family a DUI. Exactly the kind of image Duke wishes to portray.

Grizzly said...

I thought that The Dude gathered at least 2 votes for Unathlete of the Week. I understand that Alleva dropped the ball, but the votes don't lie, do they?

Head Dude said...

Grizzly has a point -- and frankly I think that by this point, his vote should at least break any ties. So Dude, here were the votes -- you do the math:

Franchise: Dude
Head Dude: Dude
Grizzly: Dude
Dude: Alleva

The Franchise said...

You would have thought The Dude would have learned his lesson from the Captain America fiasco a few weeks back, but I guess not!

Actually, despite the voting, The Dude's write-up on Alleva made it all worthwhile. Plus we all know the Asian Prince will be Unathlete of the Week again relatively soon...

ThadisRad said...

I had been planning a "Declaration of Independence" like list of grievances against Joe Alleva as well, so I support the Dude in this vote. (It should be noted my list would not have included Ted Roof... yet)

Still, I think Joe has launched himself well past Unathlete of the Week honors. I think at the year-end ceremonies, he'll be dining on the opposite side of the table from Dude the Dog.

Head Dude said...

Yes, Unathlete of the Year certainly appears to be within Broadway's grasp.