Tuesday, April 03, 2007

With Goestenkors Gone, Where Do We Go From Here?

I'm sure the speculation will be a big story over the coming weeks, or however long it takes Joe Alleva to replace Goestenkors, but ESPN's experts at the Women's Final Four are already thinking what we've been thinking here: Cal coach Joanne Boyle. The Pac-10 Coach of the Year and former Duke assistant took the Golden Bears from 12 straight losing seasons to 22-7 in just two years, and if she can do that at Cal she'd probably be able to keep the good times going at Duke. Maybe she could even bring Natasha Vital with her...

Edit: The Dude reminded me that Boyle also participated in the infamous Journey vs. Chronicle Sports massacre. She personally guarded me at the beginning of the game and I could barely even get a shot off, which is pretty impressive considering I was the biggest gunner on the team not named Head Dude or Zach Davis!


Head Dude said...

Sounds good to me. Plus, it actually allows Duke to establish a little bit of a tradition in terms of coaching, which is something they obviously didn't have 15 years ago. Let's just hope the deer-in-headlights tradition is finished.

Now that I think about it, perhaps we should've known G might leave when Waner said a few days ago that Duke's three recruits said they were committed to Duke, not G. The current players may have seen the writing on the wall.

The Dude said...

There is only one option I like better than Joanne Boyle; and that's the athletics department hiring the Dude Committee to coach the Journey. Think of the possibilities: Head Dude can handle the recruiting end with his charisma (see recruitment of Ashley Harris); The Franchise can handle drills and basketball-related coaching in practice and games; I can crunch the numbers and be the Theo Epstein/Billy Beane of the Journey, recommending rotations and five-player floor units to the Franchise; and the Undude can teach English and write term papers for the Journeyers!

It's a phenomenal plan, how about it Broadway?? (disregard the post above this one)