Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amare Stoudemire First Team All-NBA? Really?

I know he is stud when healthy and the Suns had another great season. But I was a little surprised when I saw Amare on the All-NBA First Team as I don't consider him one of the five best players in the league.

With full knowledge that there is more to it than just stats, Stoudemire finished 18th in the league in scoring at 20.4 points per game, outscored at what I would consider to be his position by five others: Zach Randolph(!), Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett and DudeSpin favorites Carlos Boozer and Elton Brand. Amare did finish ninth in the league in rebounding with 9.8 boards per contest, yet he didn't even lead his team thanks to Shawn Marion.

At 1.3 blocks per game he was easily outside the top 20 and finished with less than Marion there too. He did post a ridiculously high shooting percentage that was basically the equivalent of going better than 7-for-13 from the floor every night, but I'd say playing with some guy named Steve Nash had a little something to do with that.

And yes, the Suns were seven games better this year with Stoudemire playing than they were last year. That's to be expected when you get back one of the better big men in the league. That still doesn't necessarily mean All-NBA First Team.

What am I missing here? Dude, with your time spent with League Pass and penchant for watching West Coast games, perhaps you can enlighten me. It's either that or debate the merits of Dirk's MVP, and I don't Head Dude wants us to go there.


Head Dude said...

Wait a second, I'm happy to have that second debate. The voting is based on the regular season, and really there only were two candidates. Plus, if anything, Dirk's poor showing against the Warriors showed just how much the team revolves around him.

That aside, I agree on Stoudamire. His stats didn't make him worthy, not to mention the fact he's not really considered a good teammate, and there's talk that if the Suns lose to the Spurs, either Amare or Marion could be moved. While his recovery from microfracture surgery was a success, and he's a strong force, thus far these series against the Spurs is showing that he's not as good as he was two years ago, and people just need to accept that he may not be the emerging dominant force in the game as was forecast in '05.

Thought might I add, the fixation on Nash winning a third MVP should be dulled a little by the performances of Amare and Marion. Sure, Dirk has Josh Howard, but again the playoffs showed that when Dirk struggles, no one else on Dallas is ready to take over. As I write this, Nash is 0-for-7 with five turnovers, but the Suns are tied with the Spurs midway through the third period on the road.

The Dude said...

This is probably the 1st DudeSpin post from the national holocaust museum in washington, dc. Dirk deserves the MVP, on the premise that the mvp is given out based on the metric of "best offensive player on a successful team" that we use in giving out mvp's these days. I haven't seen the 1st team all nba yet. Based on my observations of the nba this season, that team should be: nash, kobe, lebron, garnett, duncan.
2nd team: agent zero, t mac, marion, dirk, stoudamire.

Off to the permanent exhibit