Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Athlete of the Week Candidates

(1) Andrei Kirilenko - After disappearing through the 1st few games of the Rockets series, AK-47 showed up in a big way in the last two games. Kirilenko was his usual active self on defense and even found time to hit his only three pointer of the series in the waning moments of Game 7 to give Utah the lead it would hold on to to oust Houston. But the Russian wasn't done. In game 1 against Golden State, Kirilenko stopped many a GS foray to the basket with his presence, not to mention his 7 game-altering blocks. In addition, he was nice to John Amaechi according to John's book, and probably helps disabled people in his spare time.

(2) Carlos Boozer - C Booz played and rebounded like a man amongst boys in the Jazz's final few outings against the Rockets, and followed up with an impressive and necessary 17 pt, 20 rebound outing against the smallish GS front court. Simply put, Carlos has put the Jazz on his back.

(3) Adrian Beltre - Beltre makes the list for a singular act - a go-ahead homer off Mariano Rivera last night to put an end to all this silliness of GOP Clemens's comeback. Alrighty Yanks, let's now go back to being in last place.


Head Dude said...

I should think the entire roster of Golden State Warriors should win the award for pulling off the biggest upset (statistically, at least) in the history of the NBA, at the expense of one of the dude's most beloved franchises.

But I guess that's almost old news now -- so I vote Capuano!

The Dude said...

Head Dude, I understand your point about the biggest statistical upset. But I'll say it one more time, if you didn't see the GSW win over Dallas coming, you simply weren't paying attention to the NBA - and more specifically, the Warriors - in the last month of the season.

Head Dude said...

And I'll say it one more time, if you contended for most of the season that the time only team you feared as a Rockets fans was the Suns, then apparently you weren't using your League Pass enough -- maybe you should've spent a little less time watching the Warriors and a little more time watching the Jazz.

The Franchise said...

If the NBA's Final Four ends up consisting of:

San Antonio

then I have three words for what will happen: worst... ratings... ever. Also I will probably throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Since Stern and company have given conspiracy theorists plenty to work with in the past, they shouldn't have any problems calling in some favors to make sure Phoenix and G-State advance.

Head Dude said...

If San Antonio and Detroit play in the Finals again, can they just simulate the series, confirm that the Spurs will win in 6, and not make us all suffer through it again?