Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Change Your Mind, Dude?

What do you think of old Big Shot Bob now?


The Dude said...

After watching that highlight last night, it's no wonder that Steven Nash has a soccer background - He sure employed it last night.

European soccer player thinks that Nash overacted in selling the hit...

Kobe's elbows think that Nash didn't actually get hit that hard.

Go Spurs!

Head Dude said...

Go Spurs?!?!
I thought you loved the Suns, and regardless, how can you root for San Antonio? They're the league's biggest whiners.
I'm left rooting for ABPOSA. Anyone but Phoenix or San Antonio.

The Franchise said...

If the Basketball Gods know any sense of justice, they will make sure the Spurs lose now. Unless the Pistons continue to implode against Chicago or the Suns man up and win Game 5 without Amare and Diaw, we are drawing closer to Spurs-Pistons, a.k.a. Hoops Apocalypse II.

And if that happens, I vow to watch zero minutes of the NBA Finals!

Head Dude said...

Amen -- I remember not watching Game 7 of Spurs/Pistons I -- and not feeling like I missed a thing!