Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dirk to the Rescue!

With the doctors all but ready to pull the feeding tube and the respirator from the Mavs' season, would-be MVP Dirk Nowitzki suddenly made an appearance in the GS-Dallas series with two huge 3 pters and a critical block on the defensive end - turning a 9 point deficit with under 3 minutes left into a 6 point win. Will Dirk's CPR moment for the underdog Mavs mean anything in the final analysis? This observer deems it unlikely (see previous posts on GS's dominance at home), but nevertheless, Dirk has made this series one of the most entertaining 1st round clashes in recent memory!

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Head Dude said...

The Warriors dodged a bullet today when Jackson wasn't suspended, and we'll hear about Richardson tomorrow, but I'm guessing he'll be fine absent clear video evidence that he pushed a fan. Still, though I never thought it would come to this, it is true that pressure is actually on the 8 seed tomorrow close out the 1, and they've never had to face this sort of pressure tomorrow. Will the Dude win the bet tomorrow, or will we live to see another day?