Monday, May 14, 2007

Epic Dude Battle!

Feel that you were robbed of some histrionics and smack talk when the much-anticipated Rockets-Mavericks matchup failed to materialized? Fear Not! Another Dude Matchup has taken its place - My Mighty Ducks against Tylwalk's Redwings.

I know what you're thinking. "Dude! You probably didn't even realize the Ducks were in the playoffs until you saw the blurb on the TV in your firm's lobby this morning!" You know, you might be right, but've I've also been on the Ducks bandwagon since the line of Kariya-Selanne-Zhao dominated the 1998 NHL season.

In any case, it appears that since 1998, the Ducks have shored up the backline of Ruslai Salei and Fred Olauson with Devils superstar Scott Niedermeyer and Blues uberstar Chris Pronger. I would imagine that a starting five of Pronger, Niedermeyer, Selanne, Kariya and Steve Rucchin would be phenomenal, but for some reason, the Ducks are not starting either Kariya or Rucchin.

Nevertheless, the Ducks dropped the Wings in OT last night and stand just 3 wins from the Stanley Cup Finals.


Head Dude said...

Dude, it's a shame the Houston Aeros didn't make a better showing this year. Just another sport where you're left rooting for a different team because your city has nothing to show for itself.
That said, I, er, can't get myself to pull for the Wings.

The Franchise said...

I actually missed that game because I was working. Everyone and their grandma picked the Ducks to win this series, but those same grandmothers all picked the Sharks to win the last series... and the Red Wings are still in it. Game 3 is huge, obviously, but we managed to win on the road at Calgary and San Jose, places known to be tough to win, so I feel like we can split in Anaheim.