Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gone Fishin'!

DudeSpin would like to acknowledge the 1st Dude NBA team (let's be honest here - the Celtics aren't really an NBA team) to pick up their lines and bait for the summer!
Really no surprise here as the Nugs were simply outclassed in its series against the Spurs, notwithstanding its Game 1 victory. In the end, until Allen Iverson learns to trust his teammates with taking shots, the mercurial guard's quest for the west will remain elusive. As expected, the victorious Spurs will meet the Suns in a scintillating second round showdown.
Not surprisingly, the matchups involving the teams with the biggest disparity in the Dude power rankings have been fairly l0psided (Spurs - Nuggets was a 1 v. 7, the Suns - Lakers was a 2 v. 8). The favorites in the remaining matchups look to close out their series tonight. Stay tuned to see if another Dude team joins Allen & Carmelo on the lakes after tonight!

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