Saturday, May 05, 2007

Maybe Next Year, T-Mac!

So you say home teams were 79-18 in Game 7s?

So you say that the home team was ranked 4th in the Dude's Power Rankings?

So you say T-Mac was finally due for a taste of the second round?

Wrong on all counts!

Who's the biggest loser tonight besides the Dude?
Barack Obama.
Denied a $500 donation from Texas.

And now the Committee turns its eyes from the NBA playoffs, bloodied and disappointed, not sure what the next season will bring.

It's a shame we can't all drown our sorrows in Vegas next week.

I guess perhaps Weitao should've feared more than the Suns and Warriors. You can't forget about the Mighty Mehmet!


ThadisRad said...

In honor of Stephen Colbert...

Tip of the Hat: To former Blue Devil Carlos Boozer. Sure he's betrayed a blind man, and we know Vic only likes people who help the disabled, but he played well, sank some free throws, and helped out Hilary a bit.

Wag of the Finger: To Head Dude. When the game ended, we were all tempted to give Weitao a taste of his own medicine and call him immediately. Sure, I wanted revenge for the 2003 ALCS, when the phone rang almost before that pitch to Aaron Boone left Tim Wakefield's hand. But I restrained myself, opting to be the bigger man. Then, all of 30 seconds later, I get a text message from a bitter Head Dude urging me to call and rub it in. Shameless... And to think you're supposed to be our role model.

To all the dudes, I'm sorry that the NBA season has ended, but that means baseball's the only game in town... which means I can finally lift my silence about Major League Baseball's best team (according to record, not according to Weitao's soon-to-be-released power rankings)

Head Dude said...

Damn you undude! Neither you nor Franchise responded to my pleas to barrage Weitao with an avalanche of well wishes. Since when was the Committee concerned about being the bigger man?!

The irony now is that suddenly there's a tremendous role reversal. Both the Astros and Rangers play in weak divisions, but at this point neither shows signs of making this much of a season. Only Boston and its $160 million payroll looks like a contender. We'll see if the wise Dude has the time to purchase Extra Innings, scout the A's and educate as to the tendencies of Marco Scutaro, but in the meantime, we can only question his season-long proclamation that the only NBA team that scared him was the Suns.

Marty Blake can sleep safely now -- his role as scouting guru is no longer threatened.

The Dude said...

In further honor of Stephen Colbert, welcome to this week's edition of Better Know a Dude!

Now we know the true colors of Head Dude. For all his crying about me rooting against the Mavericks, he is no better. I rooted against the Mavericks because I hated teams from Dallas - mostly because that city couldn't prevent the CIA from killing our President.

Of course, while the Dudes can't control the losing of the Mavs and the Rockets, we can control the extent to which Barack lost as a result of last night's Rockets loss. In that respect, I will pledge a $250 donation to Barack's campaign as soon as he drops by Houston.

Head Dude said...

I still hold my money in abeyance in case Al Gore joins the race!

And Dude I never cry about your rooting against the Mavericks -- only the classlessness in which you root against all other teams that a Committee member supports -- and the extent to which you try and needle a fellow dude when he's most vulnerable. But like I said, perhaps it's because of that that we love the Dude for all his antics.