Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pulling for the Undude in the Draft Lottery!

In the spirit of reversing some of the harsh words between Dudes over the past week or so, I hope the whole Committee will join me in pulling for the Celtics in the world's most exciting event that utilizes ping pong balls and envelopes. Undude, we would love to have you join us in our NBA debates, but we understand you need Oden or Durant to have a chance to do so. Go Celtics!


The Franchise said...

Aggghhh! The fix is in again! Who cares if the Sonics stay in Seattle?!? I hate you NBA!

Head Dude said...

Well, the lottery worked out perfectly for the Mavs/Rockets/Spurs -- the Suns didn't get the Hawks pick and the Grizzlies lost out on the top two. So Phoenix will have to get better by trade, and the Grizzlies will have to get better by...well, they aren't likely to get better now.
But sorry undude!

ThadisRad said...

Well, for the second time in 12 years the NBA had a chance to claim me as a fan, but alas, I must stick with the college game. And as I write my tests in front of this miserable SA-Utah game, I am content with this fate.