Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sun Rises in East; Big Shot Rob Delivers

For 16 years, he has thrilled us with his uncanny knack for rising to the occasion. Last night, Robert Horry came to the rescue again. Moments after Steve Blake drilled a long two to cut the Spurs lead to one with less than a minute left, Horry was somehow left open in the right corner on the ensuing possession. Predictably, the ball found its way into Horry's hands; even more predictably, Horry's shot, over the outstretched hands of defensive POY Marcus Camby (a questionable selection), found the bottom of the net. By taking two in Denver, the Spurs appear to be on a crash course with the Phoenix Suns in the Western Semi-Finals that will, in this observer's eyes, be the de facto NBA Championship series.


The Franchise said...

Hey, thanks for not posting when the Warriors put the Mavs down 3-1 but rubbing it in when the Spurs did the same to my Nuggets. I really appreciate that!

Much as I hate to admit it, The Dude has been absolutely right about what has transpired ever since G-State and Denver won their respective Game 1's. Duncan and company pulled themselves together and won three straight, while Dirk and the boys lost both of the games in Cali... and the first one wasn't really close.

Dude, all that time you spent (apparently) watching regular season NBA games has paid off.

Head Dude said...

I refuse to think that a young Asian man with his deluxe cable package somehow has more insight than those close to the league who all gave the Warriors no chance. That said, I hate Big Shot Bob! He hits one big three every three years, and gets all the acclaim. What about Big Shot Baron or Big Shot Barnes for the threes they hit in Game Four?
At least Big Shot Bob is retiring after this season so we'll hear of him no more!

The Dude said...

How can you dislike Robert Horry?!? On the court, he d's up, always hustles, and, obviously, is phenomenal in the clutch. Of the course, he's a family man who's been married for a long time, and is utterly devoted to his severely disabled daughter. If there is one guy you should root for, it's Robert Horry.

The Dude said...

"Of the course" means, of course, "off the court"

ThadisRad said...

Once again, the dude pulls out the "(s)he helps disabled children" trump card.