Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Unathlete of the Week Candidates

(1) The Big Aristotle: After a season's worth of huffing and puffing, Shaq delivered in a big way in the Heat's playoff series - for the Bulls. O'Neal never came close to dominating the paint and turned in a few clunkers en route to being swept by the upstart Bulls: fouling out in 26 minutes in game 1, 7 TOs in game 2, 3-12 on FTs in game 3, and 0-7 on FTs in game 4.

(2) Yankees pitchers: Yes. We know your hitters can mash, but how about turning in a quality start once in a while? For the week, the Yankees multi-multi-million dollar rotation turned in zero quality starts (6 innings or more, 3 earnies or less), and led their team to a 1-5 record despite their offense scoring 23 runs in 6 games.

(3) Curt Schilling: No, not for painting blood onto his sock (whether he did it or not. admit it, you don't put it past Schill for one second that he would. huge ego, check. mindful of his legacy, check. republican hack, check.). But that Schill would stand on his bully pulpit and lay down a $1 million dollar wager when he knows that no one would possibly do it makes him a grandstanding ass.

I vote for Curt Schilling.


Head Dude said...

Ironic that after gleefully adding him throughout the year you make one major omission. I vote Dirk Nowitzki.

Grizzly said...

Dirk is a nice selection. But I give an advisory vote to Shaq. I like that he always said that he "made free throws when they counted." Even though I was under the assumption that all free throws counted for one point.

Nonetheless, they had to count at some point during his 3-19 stretch.

ThadisRad said...

My vote was going to Shaq, but certainly the Mavs' fall has more resonance with the dudes. So I'm voting for Dirk, and will hope we vote him Athlete of the Week next week in anticpation of the great Dude War.

The Franchise said...

I was ready to vote for Shaq until I read Dirk' wussy comments about finding other ways to contribute. Dirk gets it, and it will sum this season up in a nutshell if the Mavs lose in the first round but Dirk wins the MVP!