Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've only watched one game in the conference finals, but thank goodness I picked tonight. There may be a team to root for in the Finals after all!


The Dude said...

I made a mistake a few weeks ago when I said that Dirk should return his MVP trophy to his buddy Steve Nash, so that it may be in the hands of the rightful owner.

I was wrong.

Dirk should bring the trophy to LeBron's house.

If Head Dude wants to talk about the lack of talent surrounding Dirk, one should really examine the Cavaliers roster - good grief it's barren!

Head Dude said...

Well, that point is forgetting the main criticism of LeBron that disqualified him from MVP consideration -- a lot of people around the league feel he coasted at times during the regular season and took games off. Nowitzki, Nash, Bryant, etc. never do that, though Bryant decides some games to just pass instead of shoot. Plus, the East is too mediocre to give anyone the award.

But you're point about surrounding talent is right -- I mean, the last 18 minutes of the game last night, the strategy was just get Lebron the ball and then move away. And it's not like you'd want Varejao/Ilgauskas/Gooden/Snow, etc. to get the ball instead. The few times one of those guys took a shot late in the game, you could see they were so nervous that they were short-arming everything.

You wonder, if the Cavs close out tomorrow, what happens against the Spurs? Do they get destroyed as you'd expect? Or does Lebron realize he can get his share of phantom calls ala Wade and make a series of it? I noticed on one drive to the basket last night, LeBron dove to the floor as if he'd been shoved, but the replay showed he might not even have been touched. Reminds me of someone else in Games 3-6 of the Finals last year. Duncan's eyes will come out of their sockets if that repeats itself.