Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dems Debate: Round 3 Wrap-up

Held at the nation's premier HBCU, the 3rd democratic presidential candidate debate presented a refreshing change-of-pace. For once, the moderator did not spend half the debate discussing Iraq and instead focused on issues more germane to this country. Of course, most people don't realize this - which isn't necessarily their fault - this administration has been intent on paralyzing our citizens under an raging cloud of fear since 9.11. Instead, on a day when the Supreme Court turned Brown v. Board on its head and turned back the calendar to 1950, much of the nation's concern still rested with either Paris Hilton on her first day out of jail, or the mounting (and wholly unnecessary) casualties of innocent Iraqis and American troops.
The qualified candidates spoke eloquently (by qualified candidate, I do not mean Mike Gravel or Bill Richardson) on a gamut of issues ranging from education to AIDS, from outsourcing to poverty, and from criminal legislation to Darfur. My general feeling is that the three gentlemen pictured here did well for themselves in the debate. Some particularized comments:
1) Richardson annoys the heck out of me
2) Gravel is a lunatic (did he really accuse the other candidates of lacking moral character?)
3) I wish Barack hadn't insisted on clarifying that he tested for AIDS with Michele during the debate - this is the type of male machismo and veiled homophobia that is completely inappropriate in this type of forum. That more isn't done with AIDS, especially in its early days, is directly attributable to homophobia. Barack's unnecessary correction made me wince.
4) The NYTimes may be right - Edwards talks a big game on poverty, but what does he really propose? He offered some platitudes on the inequities of low capital gains taxes, but did not utter a word on whether/how he would change it. Let's see some solid proposals John.
5) Hillary is incredibly boring to watch during debates - she seems robotically programmed by her campaigners (which could be true - I just don't know).
6) I am disappointed that none of the leading candidates spoke what they know to be the truth on the outsourcing issue. The problem doesn't lie in the phenomon, it lies in the remedy. Protective tariffs and subsidies are not the issue, improving preschool and k-12 education for all is absolutely sine qua non for America to compete in the global economy. Understandably, the candidates can't say no to subsidies and tariffs if they want the union vote. That's part of what makes SCOTUS's k-12 school race-policy decision yesterday so incredibly anachronic, empirically unjustified, legally faulty, and a moral tragedy.
7) Dick Cheney is evil (wholly unrelated to the debate, but just wanted to throw that out there).

Will Head Dude Join in as a Co-Plaintiff?

I suppose he can claim damages of $500, and bring further implead Barack Obama as a co-party. C'mon Cubester, let's grow some sanity here!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Day 8

Because Head Dude demanded it, more tales from the online poker quest.

I decided to mix it up a little bit on Day 8 and play my first Multi-Table Tournament. On Full Tilt there is a $24+2 tourney every night at 1 am with a guaranteed prize pool of $12,000, so that seemed like a good one. I believe there were 654 entrants last night.

I'm pretty decent at tap-dancing my way through large fields, and I usually only have trouble when I play too tentatively once it gets close to the bubble. No such problems last night, as I was in good shape once the field got down under 200, and was able to get to the paying spots (63) with a decent amount of chips.

Here's where things got interesting enough for a blog entry. Blinds were 500-1000 with antes (100?) as well. I was dealt JJ, and the chip leader at my table (he had about 35,000) was first to act and raised to 3600. I considered re-raising him, but jacks aren't the best hand for that, and I felt like I had enough chips (about 20,000) to just call. No one else played, and the flop came down 8-8-4, rainbow.

Chip leader fired out a bet about the size of the pot. I thought about it for a second before re-raising him all-in. I really didn't think he had an 8, and though he had made a pretty strong raise in early position, I thought he was just bullying the table with his big stack, which he had been pretty successful in doing thus far. He thought about it for a while before calling.

I was delighted to see I was well ahead when he revealed 99... but only for a second, because the turn was another 9. No J on the river meant I was out in 42nd place. I won $49, but after the $26 entry I was left with only $23, and since it cost me about three hours to get to that point, I figure I made about minimum wage. At the same time, I was playing a cash game, and lost a $53 pot betting and raising the whole way with two pair (Ks and Qs) when the other guy with TT hit trips on the river. Yuck. In any case, an unlucky start to Week 2.

Day 8 loss: - $38.91
Week 2 loss: - $38.91

Total profit: + $167.85
Average profit: + $20.98


When I started watching baseball, Craig Biggio was a baby-faced rookie learning to catch Mike Scott's split-finger. Nearly two decades later, my favorite baseball player of all-time reached a career milestone very few ever attain. Congratulations to a truly special player on the most wonderful of nights - one fit to be shared with another Houston icon. Congratulations Bidge.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

2007 NBA Draft LiveJournal

Pull up a seat and prepare to watch plenty of this guy tonight. Click on the comments to join in DudeSpin's 2007 NBA Draft LiveBlog. This blogger will start around 6:30 CST.

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Days 3 - 7

Since I'm not sure everyone wants to read about my online poker experiment every day, I'm turning it into a weekly feature unless something especially noteworthy happens - like me winning $1,000 in one day (unlikely) or losing my entire bankroll in one day (more likely).

Days 3 and 4 were basically break-even days, without much money gained or lost. Day 5 was the first of the inevitable "market correction" days, where things went wrong and the cards went cold simultaneously. I started playing some sloppy SNG poker once the losses began to mount, so I switched gears and added some cash game play to the mix.

I certainly like No Limit cash games because of the potential for quick wins, but I'm even more fond of Limit games because I'm very patient (too patient, according to The Dude) and because I like betting when I have the correct pot odds. In any case, playing 2-4 Limit allowed me to recoup some of the losses from Day 5 and end the first week on an up note. Yes, I've already quit playing for today in order to get myself ready for the DudeSpin NBA Draft LiveBlog (free plug!).

Day 3 Loss: - $2.70
Day 4 Profit: + $10.30
Day 5 Loss: - $93.55
Day 6 Profit: + $5.50
Day 7 Profit: + $50.10

Total Profit: + $206.76
Average Profit: + $29.53

All in all, not too shabby. I can't quit my day jobs or anything, but even an average of $20 per day will be more than good enough to fund the trip in December.

The DudeSpin 2007 Mock Draft


NBA DraftNiks, your Christmas is finally here! Without any additional fanfare, DudeSpin presents its 1st annual mock draft:

1. POR - Greg Oden

2. SEA - Kevin Durant

No secrets here . The choice between these two have been debated in the media nearly as much as whether Paris deserves special treatment, and much more so than a timetable for withdraw from Iraq. That friends, sublimely illustrates this nation of misplaced priorities.

3. ATL - Al Horford

Despite the Hawks' confusing ownership structure seeing dollar bills in their dreams with a selection of Yi Jianlian, the management will grow some last minute brain cells and draft the more NBA-ready Horford. Since the Hawks haven't drafted any forwards recently, Horford should step right in. Oh wait. Nevermind.

4. MEM - Mike Conley

Yeah. That Chucky Atkins things isn't going to work out long term. Don't worry about a possible Kyle Lowry roadblock young Mikey - Lowry is a poor man's Moochie Norris. Haven't heard of Moochie? Exactly.

5. BOS - Yi Jianlian

With Kendrick Perkins looking every bit like the Kandi-man in his "development." Boston takes the BPA (Best Player Available) here to match a need. What will the Sports Guy say? Hopefully, something smarter than what he said about Yao when he was drafted.

6. MIL - Jeff Green

With Midget Boykins opting out and Mo Williams testing the FA waters, the Bucks are praying that Conley falls here. Unfortunately, god isn't a Bucks fan.

7. MIN - Joakim Noah

Looks like KG is all but out the door. This pick will depend in large part on: 1) who has the pick; and 2) if MIN keeps the pick, who did they receive in return. I'll ignore all rumors, and make the pick based on the assumption that Kevin McHale makes the pick. Which means it will be a disaster - hence, the enigmatic good liberal Noah is the pick here. Unfortunately, he's not a good basketball player

8. CHA - Brendan Wright

They have to, right? I mean, isn't Charlotte just a post-grad program for UNC players? (Felton, May, McInnis) Well, check that, the players would have to be grad before they can be post-grad.

9. CHI - Spencer Hawes

If the Bulls keep the pick, they thank their lucky stars for Isaiah Thomas and draft the backup-heir apparent to Ben Wallace. Hawes probably can't grow the same 'fro, but he'll still enjoy the Chris Duhon keggers.

10. SAC - Corey Brewer

On the assumption that Ron Artest is going somewhere, Sacramento fills a need with the BPA. Whether the former TV star Reggie Theus can make anything of it remains to be seen. If Brewer can't hack it, Theus may be able to find a replacement in his Saturday morning cohort A.C. Slater. I hear he showed some great athleticism in Bayside's homecoming game.

11. ATL - Acie Law IV

Most folks have Atlanta taking Law here, and why should we question the logic of the masses? Not like that has ever led us astray before... ahem... weapons of mass destruction... cough! No word on whether the Hawks get Law's father - Snoop Dogg - as part of a package deal for their halftime entertainment.

12. PHI - Al Thornton

In the new AI-era, there's a need for an interior scoring presence in Philly. Thornton fits the bill. Al should beware though - he better not bring his gayness onto Shavlik.

13. NOR - Nick Young

Weird not to write NOK there.

Young is the choice here.

Go get another beer.

14. LAC - Javaris Crittendon

Thinking about this pick made me think of Shaun Livingston's injury again. Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth. With Sammy applying for AARP benefits soon and Livingston's return uncertain, the Clippers will grab Crittendon here.

15. DET - Rodney Stuckey

Stuckey is a good fit for Detroit. Unfortunately, he can't guard LeBron either.

16. WAS - Julian Wright

The Wizards are thrilled that Wright falls here becase Jamison isn't getting any younger. The team still doesn't have a shooting guard, but the best SGs available at this point don't look too appetizing. What, you think Agent Zero wants to roll with some Euro like Bellinelli or Fernandez on his team? That's not how he rolls.

17. NJ - Jason Smith

Just what Jason Kidd wants - another project who's at least a year or two away from being a contributor. But hey, you can't win the East with Mikki Moore or Jason Collins in the middle. Actually, in the East, you probably can. So, if you put the Spurs in the east, replace Oberto with Brian Zoubek - what would happen next year?

18. GS - Sean Williams

Don has a dilemma here - he can't believe his fortune that Thaddeus Young is still available - but G/F are to the GS roster what evil is to Dick Cheney - there's already plenty to go around. So Williams is thrilled to wind up on the left coast here - he should be a regular at Haight and Ashbury.

19. LAL - Rudy Fernandez

The Zen Master and Kupchak will choose between Pruitt and Fernandez here. After seeing mixed results with SoCal guard Farmar last year, the Lake Show will go the international route this year. The end result will be the same - mediocre finish in a beastly tough conference.

20. MIA - Gabe Pruitt

Miami, like it did with Shaq, will be quick to jump on what the Lakers didn't want - either Fernandez or Pruitt. So Pruitt goes from USC to South Beach - lucky guy.

21. PHI - Tiago Splitter

So AI turns into a tall Brazzilian. It could have been worse, Sixers fans - you could be a Nuggets fan stuck in the West with an AI who's not getting any younger. An additional caveat, Tiago, don't bring your gayness to Shavlik.

22. CHA - Daequan Cook

The Hornets had to dust off Derek Anderson by the end of last season to start at SG because their other option was a surprisingly good Matt Carroll who is, nevertheless, still Matt Carroll. They'll be thrilled to get the high-ceiling Cook here.

23. NYK - Wilson Chandler

Every single mock draft has the Knicks taking Chandler with word that Isiah has made a promise to take him. Frankly, none of us are qualified to question Isiah's logic.

24. PHO - Marco Bellinili

Bellinilli should flourish in Phoenix. Then again, every player seems to flourish offensively when paired with Steve Nash and Mike D'Antoni. There, that description only took me seven seconds.

25. UTA - Morris Almond

With all due respect to Derek Fisher and the role he played in the Jazz's run, he is not the long term answer in Utah; and neither is Ronnie Brewer. Of course, I think Almond going to the Jazz just increased the black population in Utah by 25%.

26. HOU - Nick Fazekas

Houston's sabermetric GM Daryl Morey takes the best stat guy left - a player who racked up a better win score than both Oden and Durant. While that may signal to me that Win Score doesn't mean much in the draft context, Morey probably thinks differently. In any case, it'll be the best PF available (and that's still not Josh McRoberts). Word also has the Rockets possibly flipping the pick to Indiana for Ike Diagu or drafting Glen Davis.

27. DET - Derrick Byars

Unfortunately, he also cannot guard LeBron.

28. SA - Jared Dudley

Dudley, last seen choking on FTs, has raced up the draft boards with an outstanding camp in Orlando and solid personal workouts. The rich get richer with a guy who may well be the late-1st round sleeper of this draft.

29. PHO - Petteri Koponen

Yeah, that Marcus Banks thing really really didn't work out. So Phoenix draft Kopoken and hopes that Nash can hang on for a few more years.

30. PHI - Josh McRoberts

PHI GM Billy King is a Duke alum, and he'll grab the Duke forward here so McRoberts can avoid the embarassment of going from mid lottery to 2nd round in one year. Like the others before him, McRoberts should not bring his gayness to Shavlik.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Going too far?

Perhaps this strange thing called karma finally caught up to the WWE.

In the midst of a kayfabe storyline about Vince McMahon's death, the WWE was struck by the real tragedy of the death of Chris Benoit and his family this weekend. Still reeling from the recent death of the popular Eddie Guerrero and haunted by its much-scrutinized "the show must go on" treatment of Owen Hart's death, the WWE was quick to trot out the full scale tribute for Benoit on Raw. The circumstances, this time, however were different. Investigators believe that Benoit murdered his wife on Saturday, murdered his son on Sunday, and killed himself on Monday. Considering the possibility that Benoit is a double-murderer, WWE's tribute seems in poor taste - especially to those closest to the victims of the tragedy.

I, of course, will yield the floor to DudeSpin contributors who are far more well-versed than I on professional wrestling. Nevertheless, I find it difficult to condone McMahon's actions here.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

This Boot's Not Made For Walking

It's staying in Arlington.
If only the Rangers could be in the NL Central -- they're 9-3 against the division and 21-41 against the rest of the league.

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Day 2

Sticking with $11 and $22 turbo SNGs for Day 2. Incidentally, my strategy is to stick with one form of poker until I hit a serious rut. So until my SNG play turns sour for several days in a row, that's what I'm doing.

Today was the opposite of Day 1, in that I started out ahead and slowly drifted back into the red, including a stretch when I finished out of the money four times in a row. A couple were fourth- and fifth-place finishes, always painful in a tourney that pays three places, and one of those involved my all-in with AKs losing to AQo when the first four cards came down all diamonds, giving my opponent a flush with his queen. But that's poker!

One other thing that can be frustrating playing turbo tourneys is that if you aren't getting good cards and don't feel like you can make any moves, your whole stack could easily be at risk the first time you play a hand. That's true in any no-limit game, but even more so when the blinds are going up so fast. Ironically, patience is still important, as you can often take advantage of people who are too willing to commit all their chips on weak hands simply because they feel like they are running out of time.

In any case, I rebounded with a second-place finish in my very last $11 table, and managed to cook lunch and put some laundry in at the same time. That's multi-tasking! Only a modest profit today, but it's still a profit, and even if I managed only $20 a day I have plenty of time to pull this off by December.

Day 2 Profit: $24.30
Total Profit : $237.11

Friday, June 22, 2007

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Day 1

Now that the possibility of a DudeSpin editorial retreat in Sin City has been raised, it's time to start what I hope will become a regular DudeSpin feature. I've long been fascinated by the prospect of using one form of gambling to fund another. In fact, I once hit the casinos in Atlantic City the day before I left for Vegas - not the smartest move in the world, but it worked out okay.

How is that relevant here? I'd like to fund my trip with nothing but poker money. So armed with only my laptop, a $100 deposit into my Full Tilt Poker account (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act be damned!) and my own highly debatable skills, I'm going to attempt to run that up to about $2000, which should be plenty of money for Vegas.

Day 1: The Little Franchisette is in a mellow mood today, all the better for using time I should be devoting to various writing projects to tackle the low buy-in Sit & Go's (SNGs) at Full Tilt. For those unfamiliar with the SNG, it's a one-table tournament (nine seats at Full Tilt) that pays the top three spots with a 50-30-20 split. I like the Turbo SNGs, where the blinds go up every 3 minutes, because I can quickly get back to baby duty if necessary (they go quickly) and they are just the right balance between patience and aggression.

Day 1 Results: This experiment is off to a smashing success. After finishing out of the money in my first two $11+1 tourneys, I hit a little bit of a streak. I finished in the money in four straight at the end of the day, including taking first place in a $22+2 SNG that paid $99.

Day 1 Profit: + $212.81

Of course not every day will go close to this well, and it's easy to hit a rut and finish out of the money 10-12 times. But that's a good start. Vegas, here I come!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Really? Tom Hicks? Really?

Do you really mean to tell me that Juan Gone used steroids? What are you going to tell me next? That it's hot in Arlington during the summer? That George W. Bush knows more about baseball than how to run a country? That the sun rises in the east?

Please Tom, tell me more revelations!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Dude Youtube Creation All Around

An enjoyable viewing as we sit just, oh, 70 or so Tuesdays from the 2008 Election

From the "No Duh" File

Comes word that Vin Baker has been hitting the bottle and the tables, and unfortunately, driving after said episodes. Well dudes, can't really say that surprised me. What, an NBA player who had bouts with alcoholism during his playing career having relapses after his career - when he has nothing to do? Stunning.

It's sort of like news that Pacman Jones has been getting himself into more strip clubs and more trouble now that he has nothing to do. Can't really say that's surprising.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sorry Sports Guy

I can't speak for all dudes, but I would imagine that this story about your weekend in Vegas does not excite the dudes. (Well, not incrementally excited over any mention of Vegas). The dudes do not condone watching boobies at the pool; the dudes can't afford the Wynn; and the dudes will not be driving to Vegas.

Speaking of which, when's the next Vegas trip?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Proof that Golf Isn't a Sport?

The man on the right (who wouldn't be able to find a gym with a GPS system) beat the man on the left Sunday afternoon.
Tiger, who apparently asked Nike to find his customary Sunday red shirt from GapKids, couldn't find a birdie down the stretch (if by stretch we mean the last 14 holes). As a result, the guy who seems to live at the gym and the range lost to a guy who must've gone through 2 packs of Marlboros on the back nine. I'm not sure what Angel is saying here, or why he's wearing that incredibly knarly medal I received for winning Number Sense back in 7th grade. It's probably went something like this, "you might be able to bench 250 lbs, but you can't lift this trophy. Hahaha!!" Tiger's retort might be, "Oh yeah? My net worth is still about a billion more than yours."
Maybe next time, Tiger. Might want to pick up a smoking habit in the interim.

13 -- More Like 11 Than 12

I'm pleased to report from last night that Ocean's 13 gets back much more to the fun of Ocean's 11, and skips the change-of-pace and aggravating Zeta-Jones/father chick scene from Ocean's 12. It's not as fresh as the original, but still a good two hours, and a very dude film. I recommend.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Better NOT Know a Movie: Turistas

The missus has a thing for bad horror movies, so last night I found myself watching Turistas. Now ordinarily this would not be something for the blog, but then the opening credits revealed that the film's executive producer was none other than Mark Cuban! The film's opening scene involves a bus losing control and rolling off a cliff, an appropriate metaphor for this car wreck of a film. With the exception of a few hard-bodied actresses and brief glimpses of boobie, this film really offers nothing for DudeSpin readers. Ninety-five minutes later, when a ridiculously contrived ending mercifully ends the film, I was left wondering, what Mark Cuban production was the bigger disaster: Turistas, or the 2007 Mavericks?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cuban's colonoscopy

Some hilarious tidbits from Mark Cuban's description of his colonoscopy at blogmaverick:

Like every guy, the thought of being violated by a long tube is at the very bottom of the list of things I want to do on a summer day. I could live with having to take all the laxatives that lead up to the procedure, That's just more time to get my reading done. But the tube up the outdoor, that's scary.

No where else can you rip off some huge farts and have 3 nurses and a doctor, while maintaining a very professional demeanor, tell you that you aren't done yet and demand that you let loose a few more. Then it was up to get dressed and out the door so my wife could give me a ride home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Am I the Only One Who Noticed (or cared)?

Mike Breen astutely noted with 6:30 left in last night's game that the Spurs had a 10-point lead on the Cavs, similar to the 13-point lead the Mavs had over the Heat with 6:30 left last year in Game 3. Sure, enough the Cavs then went on an 8-0 run over the next four minutes and history seemed destined to at least begin repeating itself. But then what happened? LeBron didn't get the D-Wade star treatment, getting hammered on at least three occasions without a whistle, and the Cavs lost. If only the same refs had worked last year's Finals. Well, apparently I may be the only one who noticed, as the ratings continued to approach the level of the pre-strike NHL.

Houston's Great New Hope

Guess who's headed to Minute Maid Park to try and save the Astros' season? Weitao's favorite Ranger starter from the A-Rod era!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Sopranos

Wherever I turned today - ESPN, CNN, Jim Rome, local sports talk shows - I could not get away from it. The Sopranos series finale... I have never seen an episode of the Sopranos, so maybe this is biased. But seriously, who cares about the unresolved ending? Hello! These are fake people!! Why is it dominating the airwaves everywhere I turn!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gary Bettman, Please Stop the Madness!

When I saw this article I did a quick check to make sure the calendar hadn't skipped ahead to April 1. Apparently this is not a joke, although it sure sounds like one: it seems the NHL is eyeing expansion to Las Vegas and Kansas City.

Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel hits it right on the head when he claims that the NHL has never been more irrelevant, and that the league desperately needs to contract, not expand. Even speaking as someone who would wholeheartedly support the rise of major league sports in my favorite city in the world, I can't back the NHL heading to Sin City - not now, anyway. I love hockey, and will follow it even as it continues its sad evolution into a niche sport, but expanding at the current time would be a completely asinine move.

I do disagree with Wetzel on one thing though: I think Bettman actually had some clue as to what he was doing when he first took the job. It's painfully obvious that's no longer the case, and if the league expands someone should hold him accountable for his idiocy. Can someone please check to see if is available for sale?

Better Know a Movie: After Innocence

On the next edition of Better Know a Movie, I recommend After Innocence, a documentary featuring life after exoneration for those wrongfully convicted, and later exonerated by DNA evidence. The film is very gripping, and shows that the state does very little, if anything, to compensate these men for time wrongfuly spent behind bars, and that they, understandably, struggle to regain a livelihood after having the prime years of their live snatched away from them. Some of the stories, however, end happily and restore your faith in the human condition.

I've worked with one of the folks featured in the film on a pro bono case recently, so it's strange to see her in a movie, and also see her emails in my inbox at the same time.

Agent Zero on the Move?

DudeSpin favorite Gilbert Arenas says he will opt out of his Wizards deal and pursue the market next offseason. I'm in favor. Not because the Rockets have any shot at landing Gilbert - because they don't - but because his free agency is going to make some outstanding blog material!

Even LeBron Can't Save the NBA FInals...

In case you missed it or had any doubts about the astounding ability of the Spurs to turn people away from NBA basketball in droves, here's word that Game 1 was the lowest rated opening game in prime time in league history. That sound you hear in the distance is David Stern sobbing, realizing that even King James isn't enough to get casual fans to tune in. Who wants to bet Stern "suggests" that LeBron leave Cleveland when his current contract is up?

Of course the bigger problem is the Spurs, who combine the NBA's most easily taken for granted superstar with several unlikeable foreign players. Tony Parker is French, after all, and don't even get me started on Ginobili and Oberto! Having already played in the third-lowest Finals of all time a few years ago against the Pistons, and with this year's series already looking like a ratings disaster, San Antonio is going to have to live with the "good but boring" label they've earned.

There is one bright side for Commissioner Stern though: I'm sure Gary Bettman is jealous of that 6.3 rating!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

An Hour Well Spent

If you have HBO, check your local listings for replays in the next three weeks. Nobody does sports features like HBO.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Strange Republicans

If I wrote a post every time a Republican presidential candidate say or advocate something incredibly moronic, well, I would be posting multiple times each day. But this is really disturbing, why the uninamity towards not allowing gays and lesbians openly serve when all of them, except Ron Paul, is so adamant about maintaining a strong military presence? Mitt Crapney said that "now is not the time for a major change, a social experiment" Social Experiment? Really? Is it really an experiment when every other civilized nation in the world has done it successfully? Is now the time to cling no anachronous notions of soldier comradery when Arabic linguists are being discharged for being gay?

I mean, seriously, are you kidding me?


At least the guy in the purple shirt seems excited.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

Firing the First Salvos

After as uneventful South Carolina debate where essentially nothing surprising was said, the candidates came out ablazing last night. Some impressions:

Joe Biden: I wish his candidacy could gain more traction. He spoke with passion about Darfur, and gave a laudable defense of his vote in favor of the democrat's capitulation funding bill.

Bill Richardson: Is it me? or is he by far the most annoying of candidates? He constantly went over on time; rudely dismissing Wolf Blitzer's pleas for him to move on; began every response with "as the governer of New Mexico." Okay, Bill; we get it. You were the governer of New Mexico (which you said in your intro), and you did some good things while governing one of the most irrelevant states in the union. Now stop lying about being drafted by MLB teams, stop opining about things you have no clue about (favorite SCOTUS justices), and stop pandering to the NRA. Most importantly, stop running for President.

John Edwards: Gained points in my book for attacking Barack & Hillary for not showing leadership in casting their votes, and sticking by his assertion that the "War on Terror" is nothing but a political slogan.

Chris Dodd, Mike Gravel: Why are they still being invited to these things?

Dennis Kucinich: Gotta love the guy, but has no shot at the presidency. His answer to the Bin Laden hypothetical is not what America wants to hear. But he did come tantalizingly close to requesting that GWB be hauled in front of an international criminal court.

Hillary Clinton: Deftly played the role of front runner; said nothing controversial. All in all, an expected satisfactory performance from a candidate facing increasing mounting challenges.

Barack Obama: Did not like his stab at John Edwards for coming on to the anti-war bandwagon four and a half years too late, but did immensely like his rebuke of Wolf's question on whether English should be the official language. It's obvious that the moderators will ask questions like that to divide, but he handled that like a President. Barack also drilled that hanging curveball left by Kucinich's pacifist response to the Bin Laden question. I think Barack needs to work on his staccato delivery of responses. It might behoove him to not begin every response with "look, we all.."

Comments from other dudes?