Sunday, June 10, 2007

Agent Zero on the Move?

DudeSpin favorite Gilbert Arenas says he will opt out of his Wizards deal and pursue the market next offseason. I'm in favor. Not because the Rockets have any shot at landing Gilbert - because they don't - but because his free agency is going to make some outstanding blog material!


The Franchise said...

If you check out the article, you'll notice that in the blog links section, DudeSpin is listed above Deadspin! A small but fun victory!

I love how Gil says he doesn't need an agent because he can do all of the research himself. That's exactly what I would expect from him.

The Wizards need to throw as much money as possible to keep Agent Zero, because he's been the sole reason for even remembering that there is pro hoops in D.C. since he arrived.

Head Dude said...

Hmm, I thought there were about one million blogs out there in the ether, and yet somewhere we make the top 3 on the Washington Post? Perhaps there are big days ahead for DudeSpin.

The Dude said...

It's already been a big week for DudeSpin. First, we end up on the radar of the Ron Paul Presidential campaign, and now, the Washington Post... What's Next?!?? The NY Times? CNN? Air America? Al Jazeera?