Friday, June 22, 2007

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Day 1

Now that the possibility of a DudeSpin editorial retreat in Sin City has been raised, it's time to start what I hope will become a regular DudeSpin feature. I've long been fascinated by the prospect of using one form of gambling to fund another. In fact, I once hit the casinos in Atlantic City the day before I left for Vegas - not the smartest move in the world, but it worked out okay.

How is that relevant here? I'd like to fund my trip with nothing but poker money. So armed with only my laptop, a $100 deposit into my Full Tilt Poker account (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act be damned!) and my own highly debatable skills, I'm going to attempt to run that up to about $2000, which should be plenty of money for Vegas.

Day 1: The Little Franchisette is in a mellow mood today, all the better for using time I should be devoting to various writing projects to tackle the low buy-in Sit & Go's (SNGs) at Full Tilt. For those unfamiliar with the SNG, it's a one-table tournament (nine seats at Full Tilt) that pays the top three spots with a 50-30-20 split. I like the Turbo SNGs, where the blinds go up every 3 minutes, because I can quickly get back to baby duty if necessary (they go quickly) and they are just the right balance between patience and aggression.

Day 1 Results: This experiment is off to a smashing success. After finishing out of the money in my first two $11+1 tourneys, I hit a little bit of a streak. I finished in the money in four straight at the end of the day, including taking first place in a $22+2 SNG that paid $99.

Day 1 Profit: + $212.81

Of course not every day will go close to this well, and it's easy to hit a rut and finish out of the money 10-12 times. But that's a good start. Vegas, here I come!


ThadisRad said...

There is a simple way for you to gamble enough funds for Vegas. In November, place a bet on Airborne vs. Notre Dame.

Easy money. Hell, that should fund the trip to Beijing!

Head Dude said...

This could be the highest drama to hit DudeSpin since ... well, ever.
Surely our readership will go through the roof while Franchise climbs the ladder all the way to the penthouse at Bellagio. Or two double beds for four dudes at TI.