Saturday, June 23, 2007

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Day 2

Sticking with $11 and $22 turbo SNGs for Day 2. Incidentally, my strategy is to stick with one form of poker until I hit a serious rut. So until my SNG play turns sour for several days in a row, that's what I'm doing.

Today was the opposite of Day 1, in that I started out ahead and slowly drifted back into the red, including a stretch when I finished out of the money four times in a row. A couple were fourth- and fifth-place finishes, always painful in a tourney that pays three places, and one of those involved my all-in with AKs losing to AQo when the first four cards came down all diamonds, giving my opponent a flush with his queen. But that's poker!

One other thing that can be frustrating playing turbo tourneys is that if you aren't getting good cards and don't feel like you can make any moves, your whole stack could easily be at risk the first time you play a hand. That's true in any no-limit game, but even more so when the blinds are going up so fast. Ironically, patience is still important, as you can often take advantage of people who are too willing to commit all their chips on weak hands simply because they feel like they are running out of time.

In any case, I rebounded with a second-place finish in my very last $11 table, and managed to cook lunch and put some laundry in at the same time. That's multi-tasking! Only a modest profit today, but it's still a profit, and even if I managed only $20 a day I have plenty of time to pull this off by December.

Day 2 Profit: $24.30
Total Profit : $237.11

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Head Dude said...

Another big day -- you'll be set for Vegas by July 4th!