Friday, June 29, 2007

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Day 8

Because Head Dude demanded it, more tales from the online poker quest.

I decided to mix it up a little bit on Day 8 and play my first Multi-Table Tournament. On Full Tilt there is a $24+2 tourney every night at 1 am with a guaranteed prize pool of $12,000, so that seemed like a good one. I believe there were 654 entrants last night.

I'm pretty decent at tap-dancing my way through large fields, and I usually only have trouble when I play too tentatively once it gets close to the bubble. No such problems last night, as I was in good shape once the field got down under 200, and was able to get to the paying spots (63) with a decent amount of chips.

Here's where things got interesting enough for a blog entry. Blinds were 500-1000 with antes (100?) as well. I was dealt JJ, and the chip leader at my table (he had about 35,000) was first to act and raised to 3600. I considered re-raising him, but jacks aren't the best hand for that, and I felt like I had enough chips (about 20,000) to just call. No one else played, and the flop came down 8-8-4, rainbow.

Chip leader fired out a bet about the size of the pot. I thought about it for a second before re-raising him all-in. I really didn't think he had an 8, and though he had made a pretty strong raise in early position, I thought he was just bullying the table with his big stack, which he had been pretty successful in doing thus far. He thought about it for a while before calling.

I was delighted to see I was well ahead when he revealed 99... but only for a second, because the turn was another 9. No J on the river meant I was out in 42nd place. I won $49, but after the $26 entry I was left with only $23, and since it cost me about three hours to get to that point, I figure I made about minimum wage. At the same time, I was playing a cash game, and lost a $53 pot betting and raising the whole way with two pair (Ks and Qs) when the other guy with TT hit trips on the river. Yuck. In any case, an unlucky start to Week 2.

Day 8 loss: - $38.91
Week 2 loss: - $38.91

Total profit: + $167.85
Average profit: + $20.98


The Dude said...

Tough beat in the multi-table

Head Dude said...

Without that third 9, you would have saved up at least a half day in Vegas by now.

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