Thursday, June 28, 2007

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - Days 3 - 7

Since I'm not sure everyone wants to read about my online poker experiment every day, I'm turning it into a weekly feature unless something especially noteworthy happens - like me winning $1,000 in one day (unlikely) or losing my entire bankroll in one day (more likely).

Days 3 and 4 were basically break-even days, without much money gained or lost. Day 5 was the first of the inevitable "market correction" days, where things went wrong and the cards went cold simultaneously. I started playing some sloppy SNG poker once the losses began to mount, so I switched gears and added some cash game play to the mix.

I certainly like No Limit cash games because of the potential for quick wins, but I'm even more fond of Limit games because I'm very patient (too patient, according to The Dude) and because I like betting when I have the correct pot odds. In any case, playing 2-4 Limit allowed me to recoup some of the losses from Day 5 and end the first week on an up note. Yes, I've already quit playing for today in order to get myself ready for the DudeSpin NBA Draft LiveBlog (free plug!).

Day 3 Loss: - $2.70
Day 4 Profit: + $10.30
Day 5 Loss: - $93.55
Day 6 Profit: + $5.50
Day 7 Profit: + $50.10

Total Profit: + $206.76
Average Profit: + $29.53

All in all, not too shabby. I can't quit my day jobs or anything, but even an average of $20 per day will be more than good enough to fund the trip in December.

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Head Dude said...

Too tired of the daily diary? I had been wondering where you'd been!