Monday, July 23, 2007

ESPN Backs Off

Apparently running out of Arena League games, poker, eating contests, and Rock-Paper-Scissors programing, ESPN finally decided to roll out its college football preview package on its website. But judging from its debut column, Bristol would have been better served just to keep rerunning the Spelling Bee.

ESPN ranked Airborne 115th among 119 Division I teams for 2007. Apparently, someone is going to have egg on their faces come November when Airborne trounces Notre Dame in South Bend to remain undefeated. Chris Berman, you're with me atrocious prediction.


Head Dude said...

Not to defend ESPN, and I mean NOT to defend ESPN, but that was rankings for the entire decade. Based on that criteria, 115 sounds about right. However, I beg to differ with SMU at 102. They won 6 games last year and are destined for a bowl this season.

The Franchise said...

Head Dude is right. As much as we may believe in the cause this year, our track record this decade has been... less than impressive. You're only backing off if you think we're staying at 115!

The Dude said...

I guess my rage for all things ESPN affected my perceptive abilities there. Now I feel like Bill O'Reilly since I'm just making things up. I feel dirty - I need to start making sexual advances toward coworkers.