Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Get Over Yourself Yi!

Reports surface today that Guanddong Tigers, the former employer of Yi Jianlian, will seek to prevent Yi from playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.


Are you kidding me?

I know the Chinese are pretty used to manipulating things to get their way, but this is just plain ridiculous. Yi - you entered yourself in the NBA draft, and you go to the team that picked you. Who do you think you are? Steve Francis? Eli Manning? Look how the careers of those two losers ended up!

The Chinese official is quoted as saying - "This is not - as media reports have said - because Milwaukee, as a city with very few Chinese people, is not good for Yi's commercial development. Rather we want to find a team suitable for Yi's growth. That's the root of the problem."

Whatever. I'll believe that the day I believe that the Great Leap Forward was actually a good idea. Nice try - I guess the Iraqi Information Minister found himself a new job in the Chinese Basketball ranks.

If you are really concerned about him not being able to beat out potential PF candidates Damir Markota, Brian Skinner and Charlie Villanueva (setting aside for the moment that Villanueva is hardly a true four), then you've got much bigger problems to worry about with Yi.

Get your butt to Milwaukee Yi!

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Head Dude said...

Dude, and what of the fact the Chinese government is experimenting with firing rockets in the sky to disperse rain clouds and ensure sun for the Olympics?