Monday, July 16, 2007

Highlights from Central PA DudeSpin Mini-Editorial Conference

As requested from other members of the DudeSpin staff, here are some highlights from the recent Undude-Franchise mini-editorial conference held in Hummelstown, PA:

  • Undude made sweet time driving from North Carolina, but transposed the digits to The Franchise's house number and ended up looking for a house that did not exist. He also failed to record The Franchise's new cellphone number, leading to him making several fruitless phone calls to an unidentified female. He did arrive relatively unscathed a short time later after a self-guided tour of scenic Hummelstown - recently voted the 61st best town in the USA!
  • Undude became the first DudeSpin staffer to meet the Little Franchisette, and it was discovered that he can communicate with her in her own language.
  • Dinner was held at a local Damon's in celebration of a longtime Committee tradition, with Undude picking up the tab over The Franchise's protests.
  • More tradition was observed as a round of mini golf was played at nearby Willowood. Despite its proximity to The Franchise's house (about two minutes by car), he has played the course sparingly and held little advantage. The challenging 21-hole course tested Undude early, and after 10 holes, he was standing at an even par 33 while The Franchise was sitting pretty with a sizzling nine-under 24. Determined to undo his reputation for late-round choking, Undude mounted a fearsome charge that left him just one stroke back with two holes to play. Alas, he couldn't finish the rally, and the final scores looked like this: Franchise 62 (-8), Undude 65 (-5).
  • A possible new Dude tradition began in the Willowood arcade as the battle was joined in air hockey and skeeball. Franchise swept the best-of-three air hockey series and won the lone game of skeeball, leaving the Undude still in search of a 'W.'
  • The final competitive moments of the evening proved equally frustrating for Undude, as NHL 2006 on GameCube led to another string of defeats. He was able to force a shootout in the final game of the night, but lost 2-1 to wrap up his winless night.
Despite the seemingly lopsided competition, a good time was had during the reunion of Team Handsome. It was resolved to continue to add the common man's perspective to DudeSpin content, leaving the more highbrow intellectual fare to the Lawyer Dudes. Look for more reviews of big-budget flicks, cartoons and random sports content from the East Coast DudeSpin contingent.


Head Dude said...

Isn't it ironic that the East Coasters talk about being common folk while casting snobbish aspersions on a pair of Texans?

On a different note, here's the only problem I have with air hockey -- once you pass the age of 15, you realize that when you hit the puck as hard as you can, it can fly off the table and nail the other person in the face. Granted, that has an entertainment value all its own, but suddenly air hockey becomes a different game.

Franchise, did you make any progress on convincing your partner that he doesn't have to wait for his wife's approval to sign off on Vegas?

The Dude said...

Franchise, shouldn't you have offered to play Undude in rock-paper-scissors just so he could win something?

ThadisRad said...

Greetings from Walden Pond!

Today I tried to wash away the bad feelings of the DudeSport sweep by taking a nice long swim in Thoreau's famous pond. And while Henry certainly would not have approved of DudeSpin and blogging, I say he's been dead for 150 years, so I'm posting anyway.

Perhaps when I return I can engage the elitist dudes with a post on transcendentalism. Certainly that will bring a whole new element of viewers to our humble home.