Monday, August 06, 2007

Airborne Temporarily Stalls on Runway

Airborne linebacker Michael Tuiliili received an indefinite suspension following his arrest early Sunday morning for DUI and various charges related to assault and battery of the driver of another car that Tuiliili ran into. DudeSpin, obviously, do not condone such behavior if it is true as alleged, and fully support Coach Roof's decision to suspend Tuiliili indefinitely.

Nevertheless, losing the leader of a unit hurts, but like last year, when out of the depths of the Zack Asack cheating scandal arose a Heisman hopeful in Thad Lewis, perhaps the from beneath the clouds surrouding Tuiliili's suspension will emerge a new linebacking stalwart.

Will it be Paul Thornton? Will it be converted quarterback Marcus Jones? No one knows for sure - but that's the audacity of hope. The eternal thought that from darkness emerges light; that an ugly DUI incident will launch this year's version of Chike Egbunewe or Ryan Stallmeyer - that is the audacity of hope.

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