Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Apparently, It's a Long Aisle

In the wake of another wrestler's premature death, I dutifully jogged over to the Internet home of my favorite wrestling columnist to gain some reaction. Unfortunately, I did not find any discussion of Demolition Crush's untimely death. Of course, I understood for a second, considering that news of the death had only been a few hours old - perhaps Franchise had been busy taking care of the mini-Franchisette and have not had the chance to put pen to paper yet. That understanding, however, disappeared when, upon closer examination, I found that there had been no new updates to Walkin' that Aisle since the Vince McMahon limo controversy - two months ago!! Indeed, not only was there no new update on Demolition Crush; there wasn't even a Walkin' that Aisle on Chris Benoit!!

Franchise, just how long is that aisle?? And just when you might be done walkin' that runaway kayfabe aisle??


ThadisRad said...

For some reason I never realized Franchise was working for a Canadian website. From his column, you can directly link to a French-language sports site as well.

I think it's safe to say Team USA has never been more fired up and angry.

The Franchise said...

'Tis true, SLAM! Wrestling is Canadian. But since my time working with the site actually pre-dates the formation of Team USA (I've been writing for them since 1998!), I think you need to settle down!

As for The Dude calling me out on the main blog, I'll tell you the same thing I said about poker: I'm busy! Thus, Walkin' That Aisle is on hiatus. If/when it returns, it won't be until September...