Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Dude's Fantasy Journey 2008

Every year, I get together with some friends from Duke for a fantasy football draft - it's the league that I'm most invested in; it's the league that I want to win the most. So I figure I'll post some thoughts on my team as the season progresses and have our fantasy expert the Franchise comment on my picks. This year, I received the 10th pick in a 12 team league. We give 6 pts for passing TDs, use a rather stingy scoring system for yards (15 rush/rec yds per pt; 40 passing yds per point), and do not start any defensive teams. Before the draft, I swapped my 3rd and 4th round picks with a team drafting in the second position. Without further adieu, here was my draft day haul.

1 (10). Travis Henry (also considered: Peyton Manning). I was pretty happy to find Henry here. I was hoping Rudi Johnson would fall, but alas, he was snactched up with the 8th pick. I was tempted to go with Peyton, but figured I'll wait to see if he lasts another 4 picks.

2 (15). Willis McGahee (also considered: no one). I had targeted McGahee here, but would've taken Peyton if he fell to me, but he was taken with the previous pick.

3 (26). Terrell Owens (also considered: Edgerrin James). I traded up before the draft to get Brandon Jacobs, but Jacobs went stunningly early at pick 17. It was a toss-up between Edge and TO, but I chose TO based on his chemistry with Romo.

4 (47). Lee Evans (also considered: no one). I could not believe that Evans slipped this much. I know his QB is Losman, but...

5 (58). Lamont Jordan (also considered: no one). A first rounder last year falling to the 5th round? Sign me up!

6 (63) Santana Moss (also considered: Jeremy Shockey). Well, I must be addicted to WRs playing for bad QBs.

7 (82) Vernon Davis (also considered: Tony Romo). I wasn't sure if Davis would last another round, but saw that both teams behind me had already taken QBs. I rolled the dice that Romo would still be available 5 picks later, and lo and behold . . .

8 (87) Tony Romo (also considered: no one). I loved this pick. I really think Romo will have a terrific season this year.

9 (106) Warrick Dunn (also considered: Terry Glenn). I liked to have Glenn here, but I didn't want t0 hinge my fantasy season on the Cowboys. In the post-Vick era, I figured someone is going to have to score right? Maybe Norwood could pull a hamstring?

10 (111) Ben Roethlisberger (also considered: Alex Smith). Needing some insurance in case Romo doesn't pan out (unlikely), I bought into the rumors that the Steelers will be opening up their offense with Big Ben. Stay off motorcycles, please.

11 (130) Reuben Droughns (also considered: Jacoby Jones). If I can't get Jacobs, might as well get his backup, right? Well, the logic doesn't exactly work because the Giants aren't exactly offensive juggernauts, but it's late, might as well take some gambles right?

12 (135) Jacoby Jones (also considered: no one). My big sleeper pick. Jacoby has emerged as the big target opposite Andre Johnson; and Matt Schaub is looking head and shoulders better than David Carr. Could it be a new dawn in Houston? I hope so.

13 (154) Stephen Gostowski (also considered: no one). I jumped the gun on a kicker one round early, because I think the Patriots offense can really click this year - let's hope it's more FGs than TDs.

14 (159) David Boston (also considered: Troy Williamson). What year is this? 2001?

Franchise.... I await your assessment.


Head Dude said...

I love it -- now if the Cowboys have a bad game, it probably means Romo and TO stunk it up, and you won't be talking trash because you'll be screwed with the rest of us!

The Franchise said...

Let me crunch these picks a little bit and I'll give you my comments in the next post. I had one fantasy draft yesterday where I was very pleased - an auction style draft with PPR scoring and I got LT and Reggie Bush!

I have a traditional draft tonight, then two more regular drafts and one more auction over the next few days. All for money - you know how I roll!

Jay said...

I think you should have gone with Adrian Peterson in the 2nd round...but hey...whatever floats your boat.