Saturday, August 18, 2007

DudeSpin asleep at the wheels?

It appears that while I was away DudeSpin was too distracted by Dennis Kucinich and David Beckham and missed what was arguably the worst news the Duke athletics department has received since, well, I suppose since the lacrosse story broke, but in terms of impact on the field, I would argue since Steve Spurrier whispered into a certain someone's ear that hiring Carl Franks was a good idea (just narrowly beating out the hire of Roof over Dennis Ross). It appears the Joe Must Go campaign is in vain, at least for a while.

What I find particularly galling is this quote from Richard Brodhead: "the emphasis on the integrity that [Alleva] has infused in our programs and the central place he gives to the idea of scholar-athletes" was the key factor in granting the Director of Athletics a five-year extension.

Is that a joke? Is the DUI boating incident that came within weeks of the lacrosse scandal really the University's idea of integrity, not to mention the rush to make Pressler a fall guy to save face?

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The Dude said...

Joe still must go; however, I do find it somewhat troubling that Head Dude accuses of DudeSpin being distracted in his absence, but fails to mention that Broadway's reappointment came at least three weeks ago - while Head Dude was still in these United States!
The failure to report on Broadway's reappointment is rather galling; but the responsibility lies with the collective, including Head Dude.