Sunday, August 19, 2007

DudeSpin to The Dude: Tell Your Countrymen to Stop Trying to Poison American Kids!

Perhaps because only one member of the DudeSpin staff has a child, this blog also let the story about Mattel's huge recall of toys slide. This week came the news that Mattel issued another recall of Chinese-made toys because of fears that the paint contained high amounts of lead and that small magnets in the toys could be swallowed.

Then on Friday, Toys 'R' Us announced that they were suspending sales of Chinese-made bibs by Hamco because, you guessed it, they contained high amounts of lead. I'm sensing a pattern here.

Since I've only been to China for 48 hours and The Dude was born there, I'm asking him to explain something to me. Is lead so plentiful in China that it needs to be a component of all children's products made there? DudeSpin awaits your answer...


Head Dude said...

This may be an anticlimatic way of announcing it, but Franchise, come March, you won't be alone! It's only appropriate that I go second. More details to follow.

SportsGal said...

Wow... Dude babies everywhere. Congrats!