Monday, August 27, 2007

DudeSpin's Fantasy Football Draft Guru Comments on The Dude's Draft

Well, I spent a little time with the numbers and here's what I think:

Rd. 1 - I would have gone with Peyton here. Yes, I know the common perception is that you must go RB in the first round. Some people also think taking Manning with your first pick makes you too weak at RB to win your league, which is bull - two of the leagues I'm in were won by Peyton-led teams in 2006. The scoring system in your league makes Manning more valuable than in most, as the 6-pt. passing TDs more than make up for the low passing yardage points. In my projections Manning rates as the highest-scoring player in your league, and given the choice between the tenth-best RB and Peyton, I'd have gone with everyone's favorite SNL host.

Rd. 2 - McGahee makes sense here - your scoring system has me ranking him pretty much even with Henry so your backs look solid.

Rd. 3 - Nice pick with T.O., who I have projected to score about 20 more points than Edge in your system and was probably the top WR left when you took him. I have Jacobs rated only one spot above Edge, so don't feel that bad about missing him.

Rd. 4 - Like you, I'm very suprised Evans lasted this long, and he's done some nice things even with J.P. throwing him the ball. Good pick.

Rd. 5 - Jordan looks slightly undervalued this year, but don't forget that the Raiders scored only 12(!) TDs all last season. I had Jordan in a virtual dead heat with Cadillac Williams and Chester Taylor in your scoring system, for what it's worth.

Rd. 6 - Moss is a perfectly reasonable pick here, but I would have taken Shockey, despite my personal dislike for him. I'm surprised he was still around at this spot.

Rd. 7 and 8 - Having passed on Shockey, Davis was a good value pick in the 7th but Romo was a fantastic value in the 8th. On ESPN he has been going toward the top of the 7th round on average in 12-team leagues. Yes, you have quite a bit tied into the Romo-T.O. connection, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

Rd. 9 - Both Dunn and Glenn look like good values at this spot, but quality RB help is usually harder to find. Watch Warrick's injury status though - many people are jumping on the Jerious Norwood bandwagon with both feet.

Rd. 10 - I have Big Ben rated several spots higher than Alex Smith, so I would have done the same here.

Rd. 11 - Another good value pick with Droughns, who I had rated a round higher. Jacobs is far from a sure thing, so this could end up becoming a steal depending on how things play out in New York.

Rd. 12 - Nothing wrong with taking a shot at a sleeper in the late rounds, though I think you could have waited and still nabbed him before the end of the draft.

Rd. 13 - A little bit of a stretch, but not a severe one. Draft theory is slowly moving away from the school of thought that the kicker should be your very last pick, though you still don't want to take one too early. This is fine.

Rd. 1 4 - I'm going to assume this was a joke. I would have rather spent this pick on a rookie or a young receiver who may see significant playing time this season (say, Maurice Stovall of the Bucs or Malcolm Floyd of the Chargers) than Old Man Boston.

All in all, very solid Dude. Except for Manning over Henry in Round 1, I don't disagree with your thinking at any point, and the Romo-Ben combo seems more than sufficient at QB. You appear to have some depth issues beyond the top-two RBs and you need to hope Vernon Davis is ready to step it up this season, but I think your team can contend.


The Dude said...

Whether to take Manning in the first round pick was a difficult decision for me. In retrospect, I may have gone in a different direction. But I guess we'll see what happens. If Henry stays healthy and Shanahan doesn't get crazy ideas about Mike Bell, I think it'll work itself out.

Taking David Boston wasn't a joke - I love Boston as he's one of the few NFL players whose pipes compare to mine. But taking the Franchise's advice, I have dropped Boston in favor of Troy Williamson. I'll update DudeSpin readers (whether they want them or not) and query Franchise with lineup decisions for this league on a weekly basis. Stay tuned!

ThadisRad said...

Wow, I clearly don't spend anywhere near enough time prepping for my draft. I go live tomorrow night, and have not even thought about it yet. But I guess that's why when I compete with the dudes, I'm always a loser.