Friday, August 31, 2007

Flight Plan: Countdown to Kickoff - 18 Hours!!

As we sit less than a day away from a new dawning of Duke football, DudeSpin proudly rolls out the initial installment of its Airborne coverage. Every week this season, DudeSpin will aim (though we may sometimes fail) to bring you the latest and greatest in Airborne news and notes. Our schedule:

Friday: Flight Plan - A witty DudeSpin preview of the next Airborne mission.

Monday: Flight Log - A equally hilarious review of last Saturday's Airborne mission.

Wednesday: Pilot notes - some insightful commentary on the state of Airborne.

The Launch: Airborne comes into its 2007 campaign saddled with a 20 game losing streak. Some would call that a monkey on its back, but for a sleek airliner like Airborne, a mere mortal monkey does not stand in the way of lift-off. There is little doubt that the UConn defense will be no match for the run-pass attack led by senior running back Justin Boyle and Duke's trio of outstanding receivers. As Duke's talented trio become household names to fans around the country, DudeSpin will introduce them to you now by comparing them to one of the more well-known receiving trio in the professional ranks - that of the Detroit Lions. Leading the corps is Jomar Wright, or Duke's version of Roy Williams - fast, agile, and experienced. Duke's home run hitter is Eron Riley, Airborne's Calvin Johnson, who led the team in YPC last season and is tall enough to Moss balls away from defenders. Last but not least is Raphael Chestnut, a poor man's Mike Furrey who is a wizard on the short to intermediate routes. Look for Duke's air attack, led by its Trio, to dominate against UConn on Saturday.

Rip Hamilton is not walking through that door.

DudeSpin's Prediction: Duke 49, UConn 3


ThadisRad said...

It's GameDay! And as I pour over notes, I'm pretty nervous--not about the game (I remain ever confident), but because I will soon be expected to write my most important gamestory since 2000's disappointing SWAMPED IN SYRACUSE. But unlike that story, there will be no references to crying Chris Carrawells. But how can an average sportswriter who hasn't written in seven years possible capture the glory that is Airborne: The Next Generation?

And speaking of my illustrious writing past, one of my oldest fears has turned to reality. A few of my students have successfully googled me to the point where they have found some of my old work, which unfortunately often talks about my masturbation habits. So there's an outside chance that writing for DudeSpin will soon become my only source of income.

Be sure to check in later tonight, where DudeSpin will feature a picture of me holding goalpost!

Anonymous said...

Well it's my first post but I figured it was time as I'm a few anxious hours away from the start of "the season of destiny" I spent pretty much a sleepless night in anticipation. I am honored that Mr. Morgan is allowing me to tag along for this historic moment.

And by the way I wouldn't worry about the whole google/masturbation'll give you major street cred with the kids.

Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

Head dude here from Ohio, where I saw the score at halftime and just caught the final. Uh, not to back off or anything, but are you serious?

ThadisRad said...

Things were very bad indeed for that second half... Tune in tomorrow, for I am planning a DudeSpin first!

The Franchise said...

Hopefully Undude has been named coach!