Saturday, August 25, 2007

Governor's Cup Preview

Well dudes, if you actually thought I would write a preview of the Cowboys-Texans preseason game today, you have way overestimated my interest in NFL preseason contests. Nevertheless, in a season where both Head Dude's and my hardball teams of choice have tanked royally, save 30 run games and 3000 hit moments here and there, a preseason game does indeed draw a blip on the radar, even if all it means that we stand that much closer, calendar-wise, to the Rockets' ownership of the Larry O'Brien Trophy around June of 2008.

My prediction for tonight's game? Well, I'll predict that I will be studying up for my fantasy draft during the game.

Around this time tomorrow, I will publish the results of the fantasy draft in the league (with some other friends from Duke and elsewhere) that I'd want to win the most. Franchise, feel free to comment on my choices after I post them.


HD said...

But dude, as of right now, the Texans are as close to the playoffs as anyone. Isn't this the highlight of your season?

The Dude said...

Head dude, I know it can be depressing when the best that can be expected from your basketball team is 50 wins and another 1st round exit - I was there not too long ago.

Thad is Rad said...

I might argue that there is never a time to talk about the NBA, but I think all of us can agree that now is certainly not the time. I would request that the dude back off talking about the NBA. Yes, the Rockets were simply awe-inspiring in the playoffs, but that ship has sailed. Please wait until basketball begins again.

It's time to talk about the Red Sox and their 3-straight wins against Chicago by the combined score of 35-6. It's time to talk about the best record in baseball.
It's time to talk about the upcoming NFL season. It's time to talk about how I received my Duke season tix last week. It's time to talk about Tom Brady's baby.

It is not time to rehash the same lame Mavs jokes.

HD said...

Hear, hear.
And Dude, don't mistake Undude as really saying no means yes. In this case, no most certainly means no.