Saturday, August 11, 2007

Review of Dem Debates 5 & 6

In the span of a nary a half a week, the democratic candidates took part in two more debates/forums in what has been a discussion-packed campaign season. The AFL/CIO debate on Monday featured all candidates besides Mike Gravel; and the LOGO/Human Rights Watch debate featured all candidates except Chris Dodd and Joe Biden. The AFL/CIO debate touched on a broad range of issues with a slight focus on labor issues; while the LOGO debate focused exclusively on issues facing the LGBT Community. The hosts of these two forums raise an interesting question - what special debates/forums are Republicans taking part in exclusive of the democrats? The evangelical christian debate? the defense contractors debate? No need to answer that inquiry - it was entirely rhetorical.

The lingering impression from these two debates for me is, quite simply, Dennis Kucinich needs to be president. It is truly unfortunate to me that a candidate like Dennis cannot get enough traction to mount a serious challenge even in the democratic primary. He was treated like a saint at the LOGO forum, and his passion and delivery showed exactly why. He's so fervently in favor of a government and an America at its most ideal - and unfortunately, that's not a place that this country wants to be at this moment.

Of the three front runners, Barack, as a self-described hope-monger, rebounded from an often times perplexing and defensive performance at the AFL/CIO debate to give a very convincing discussion at the LOGO forum even though he does not embrace federally-defined gay marriage. Hillary was her usual I'm-above-the-fray-but-will-defend-my-incredibly-centrist positions-with-platitudes self. John Edwards has become somewhat of a professional apologist by again backpedalling away from his prior statement that his faith led him to his position against gay marriage.

As usual, I fast forwarded through Mike Gravel's discussion at the LOGO forum, and watched Bill Richardson's performances for the same reason why NASCAR fans love NASCAR.

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