Friday, August 03, 2007

Thad is Rad vs. Zack Attack

Practice begins Monday. Four weeks from tomorrow, the season kicks off. It's time to start talking Duke Football. And to get things started, we'll examine the greatest QB controversy since Romine-Campbell.

Simply put, Zack Asack is back from cheating, and he wants his job back. Now the Dudes know where I stand on this issue, but then I read this article by Dude Friend Al Featherston and I started to waver. Asack spent the last year working with the New England Patriots, studying under the likes of Golden Boy Tom Brady. In fact, Asack goes so far as to proclaim, "A lot of things that Brady brought to the Patriots, now I’m bringing to Duke." What Chutzpah!

Should I quickly claim the Zack Attack moniker as a backup just in case? Or do I stay loyal to the bold, winless freshman who I know can win the Heisman?


The Dude said...

Either Asack or Thad can win the Heisman. This is sort of like a rich man's version of Chris Leak and Tim Tebow last year at Florida - or should I say that Tebow/Leak is a poor man's version of Asack/Lewis?? In any case, I'm saying that (1) there is room for two here; and more importantly, (2) I'm looking forward to hearing Zack Asack fathering kids out of wedlock

ThadisRad said...

It should be noted that while I have no record of prophetic powers, two nights ago I dreamed about Opening Day and 1) Duke had added two waterfalls to Wallace Wade Stadium (one by the scoreboard, another by a non-existent plaza near what is now the press box) and 2) Zack Asack was the starting quarterback.

I wish I were joking about this.

Head Dude said...

Greetings from Kenya!
I may be halfway across the planet, but I can't help but weigh in. Screw you Asack -- Thad is still Rad in my book.

The Franchise said...

I want the guy who has the best chance to actually, you know, win some games to win the job. That being said, Asack has one of the coolest names ever, so I wouldn't be upset if he ends up as the QB.