Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To the Rafters!

From the pages of Blue Devil Weekly usually come the wisdom of Bill Brill, Johnny Moore and John Roth. But this week's edition, featuring All-America candidate (in my mind) Jomar Wright on the cover, also brought news that the Journey will retire the jersey of DudeSpin favorite Lindsey Harding. Mazel Tov Lindsey - tis a great honor indeed!

In other nuggets of interest from this week's BDW:
- Men's Soccer icon John Rennie announced that he will retire as head coach at the end of this season
- Former Airborne great Ryan Fowler is meshed in a battle with Stephen Tulloch to be the Titans' starting middle linebacker. I'll keep updated on this position battle through my favorite YouTube Sports anchor, and Titans fan, Kige Ramsey.
- Former Airborne QB Marcus Jones has been converted to outside linebacker and now gets second helpings at the team buffet to bulk up. Watch out opposing RBs, QBs and TEs, a beefed-up Marcus is on the prowl!!
- Jomar Wright, Raphael Chestnut, and Eron Riley form the best receiving trio in the nation. Tell me something I don't know BDW.
That's all the news of that the Dudes need to know from this week's edition of the BDW.


HD said...

I'm undecided if Harding deserved it. I'm not saying she didn't, I'm just not sure if it was as clear-cut as Beard.

Thad is Rad said...

In my mind, that honor should have been taken away the minute she missed those free throws.

HD said...

Kind of like when Trajan started his own Travel Magazine.