Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ask the Franchise: the Dude's Fantasy Journey

Welcome to the 1st installment of "Ask the Franchise" - a weekly feature where I will pose a fantasy football roster question to the Franchise, for the benefit of DudeSpin readers and, mostly, myself. First, an update from last week. Since the Duke league draft, I've dropped David Boston in favor of Troy Williamson, and then quickly dropped Williamson for Selvin Young when he was elevated to Travis Henry's backup.

This week's start'em or sit'em decisions in the Duke league (my current leanings are bolded):
QB: Tony Romo v. NYG or Ben Roethlisberger @ CLE?
WR/RB: Lamont Jordan v. DET or Santana Moss v. MIA?

in the AK league:
WR/TE: Brandon Marshall @ BUF, Greg Jennings v. PHI or Jacoby Jones v. KC

Franchise, DudeSpin awaits your answer!!


ThadisRad said...

Which two?
Colston @ Indy, Driver @ Philly, or R. Brown @ GBay

Then Benson @ SD or AGreen vs. KC (Dude, is the Texan attack ready?)

The Dude said...

I'd start Colston + Driver if he's healthy; and I'd start Ahman v. KC (SD's defense is tough, especially now that Lights Out Roid-man is back).

The Franchise said...


I like Romo over Big Ben, but just barely. I also like Jordan over Moss as I am thinking Oakland will at least try to establish the run to make things easier on McCown.

The AK league is a little tougher. I favor Jennings because I think the Pack will have trouble running (even though Philly's run defense was poor last year), plus they may be playing from behind. I like Jacoby Jones, but I wouldn't start him until he proves something.

The Franchise said...


I echo The Dude's thoughts. Colston and Driver are must-starts if they are healthy. I expect Green to have a good first game as a Texan, though Benson would get the nod if he wasn't facing such a stout D right off the bat.