Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ask the Franchise: the Dude's Fantasy Journey

Now that the Franchise has returned to the blog, I thought I'd try to keep this going for one more week.

I slipped to 0-2 in the AK league after another whipping; but won for the second straight week in the Duke league behind another Romo to TO connection.

This week's Roster Decisions (Leanings in Bold)

Duke League:
QB: Romo @ CHI; Roethlisberger v. SF
WR: Evans @ NE; S. Moss v. NYG

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The Franchise said...

The WR is almost a no-brainer, as the Buffalo passing game has been a mess, Evans included. I'd go with Moss.

At QB, the decision is tougher. I know I am hardly an unbiased observer when it comes to the 'Boys, but my guess is Romo will be throwing often as the Bears D will clamp down on the run. Chicago has injuries in the secondary too. San Fran has showed some decent D to go with their largely disappointing O, and yes, I know they have some injuries too. Big Ben wouldn't be a horrible play but it would be tough for me not to start Romo with the season he's having so far.