Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Flight Log: Airborne Kicks Itself in the Tail

Where have you gone Sims Lenhardt?!?!

My era of Airborne fans are used to one standard bearer of excellence amid the gloom (of others) that typically surround Airborne football: the kicking game. From Sims Lenhardt to Boomer Morton, Airborne kickers/punters were always above average, and in Sims' case, stellar.

That my friends, is a bygone era. I can imagine that it must be deflating for an offense to drive deep into an opponent's territory and come away with no points because the FG kicker missed a chip-shot. On Saturday against UVa, that became a tired verse as Joe Surgan missed about 26 field goal attempts inside of 20 yards (Note, the numbers may not be entirely accurate). And the misses weren't even close.

It was a tale of woe all around, as the Cavs tried to give the game away (apparently, their long snapper thought Yao Ming was their punter) but Airborne failed to capitalize again and again.

Good high school kickers, please come to Duke. You'll get a phenomenal education for free, and you can hone your craft, just as you would at any other football program.

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Head Dude said...

Boomer. Now there was one dude who could light a fire under a ball. That Lenhardt/Morton combo may have been among the best in ACC history, and that's no exaggeration.