Friday, September 28, 2007

Flight Plan: Airborne Lands at the OB

Lamar Thomas might not think Airborne belongs in the OB this weekend; but nevertheless, that's exactly where Heisman candidate Thad Lewis will lead his mates this weekend. Brought in a few years ago to beef up the ACC's football bona fides, Miami has been barely adequate on the field, and an utter embarassment to the conference off (and on it).

First year coach Randy Shannon, the subject of a profound piece in Sports Illustrated, was introduced to this season with an epic butt-whooping at the hands of Big 12 stalwart Oklahoma. Since that debacle, Shannon has turned the season in the right direction with a convincing home victory over then-ranked, but nevertheless overrated, Texas A&M.

In previous years, this would have been a non-conference mismatch where Duke would go into the game knowing it would get two things: a royal spanking; and a royal check. This year, Airborne won't get a check, but they will shock the OB, and Lamar Thomas: Airborne 35, Miami 31 (Multiples of 7 again, as Airborne relieved Joe Surgan of his kicking duties last week).

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