Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flight Plan: the Attack of Seaman!

If Airborne's win against Northwestern got DudeSpin and Duke students excited, it didn't have the same effect on Las Vegas. The lines this week opened with Navy favored by 10 points and climbed higher and higher as the week went along. As of midnight CDT Thursday evening, the line stood at Navy by 2 touchdowns.

Perhaps those 400+ yards of rushing Navy hung on Airborne at Wally Wade last year had something to do with the movement; or perhaps it's because Navy's quarterback is named Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada. If that's not a Heisman trophy worthy name, I just don't know what is.

Obviously, Airborne has got its worked cut out for them a week after its season-defining victory. But alas, the ascent upward must continue. As one wise man once said: keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars. This is Casey Kasem.

DudeSpin's Prediction: Airborne 36, Navy 35. (36? a weird number you say! My new policy is that until Joe Surgan proves otherwise, I will assume that Airborne will miss every PAT and every FG attempt - lost in the euphoria of the win against NW was another missed PAT).

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