Friday, September 07, 2007

Flight Plan: Road to an Undefeated ACC Season Begins in Charlottesville

Seasoned Airborne supporters don't let trivial things like 35 unanswered second half points from UConn demoralize them. No sirree! After seeing the drubbings that we've seen over the course of our fandom, 35 unanswered points is just another nice Saturday afternoon at Wally Wade. Besides, Airborne fans rejoice in 2 things after the UConn loss: (1) Airborne did not lose to a 1-AA team that actually has Lenoir-Rhyne on its schedule; and (2) we were only shooting for a perfect ACC season anyways.

So that search for perfection takes Airborne to Charlottesville this weekend, where our Blue Devils will hope to avenge the 37-0 whitewashing at the hands of the Cavs last season in Wally Wade. They will get some help from the return of Michael Tauiiliii (there might be a few too many "i"s, but who's counting anyway). Tauiliii, who hails from right down the street from me (Alief Taylor), should bolster a defensive corp searching for answers.

DudeSpin's Prediction: It took David Hasselhoff a few verses to find freedom, it will take Airborne all of one week to find its defense - Airborne 24, UVa 10.


ThadisRad said...

During my time at Duke, the Duke at UVa games were two of the most memorable.

Sophomore year the game was lost when Chris Combs sacked future-fantasy legend Aaron Brooks out of field goal range but was penalized for celebrating when he saluted the bench. UVa used the first down to score and win the game.

I remember listening to the game my senior year when Spencer Romine threw a TD pass in overtime, Baer and I embraced, and Carl Franks (and the original Airborne offense) had his first win. Regulation ended with a bizarre botched play that saw Scottie Montgomery pick up a fumble, throw a touchdown pass to Richmond Flowers, who scored behind a key block by Spencer Romine. Yes, those are three legends name-dropped in one sentence.

Those of us at The Chronicle quickly dubbed it "The Play," comparing it to the Stanford Band. Perhaps we overestimated the importance of Duke Football.

The Dude said...

Wasn't there the greatest graphic in the history of the Chronicle in the paper for the next Sportswrap?

Head Dude said...

I forgot all about the saluting incident. That was legendary for sure, and it also reminds me of the Combs comb PR stunt. How could he have not won the Outland with that sort of publicity?