Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Franchise Plays His Way to Vegas - The Return!

By popular demand (well, by demand of a couple of the Dudes anyway), my online poker chronicles have returned. The plan was to begin playing again right after Labor Day, but because I had taken my money out when it became apparent that I wouldn't have enough time to play regularly during the summer - what with the two jobs, the baby, the wife and all - it took me about two weeks to get some money back into my Full Tilt account. Thanks Congress!

Nevertheless, I finally got some money deposited, and armed with a $75 bonus for being away so long, I set back out on my quest to make poker pay for the December Vegas trip. I decided on a 1-2 limit cash game so as to not risk too much of my brand new deposit on one night, and also because cash games clear the bonus faster than tournaments.

I felt rusty but did alright, making $56.70 in less than five hours. No really interesting hands to report, just picked my spots well and was lucky to pick up some strong hands early, which allowed me to play some lesser hands later on while still getting respect from most of the table. One thing I forgot about low stakes limit games is a bunch of people jumping in for $10 a pop, then just trying to get all-in with a good hand. Folks, if you want to do that, no limit is a lot easier!

Daily profit: $56.70
Weekly profit: $56.70

Overall profit: $224.55

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Head Dude said...

At long last the fans are given what they've been clamoring for!